Buy energy more efficiently

Manage energy sourcing strategically to generate savings

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  • increase in energy commodity index prices in 2016.

Comprehensive energy management can accelerate the pace of investment in a clean energy future.

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Real estate resilience

A User’s Guide to Comprehensive Energy Management

Download “A User’s Guide to Comprehensive Energy Management” today to learn more about our findings and the best practices for comprehensive energy management.

Strategic energy sourcing

Maximize savings with insight-based energy procurement services

Market liberalization means that new energy suppliers are continually coming to market with new models and products. Combined with volatile prices and constant regulatory changes, this makes it hard to keep track of and to evaluate all available market options. And this in turn impacts budgeting and forecasting accuracy. With our energy procurement and risk management services, we provide access to the lowest energy market prices and help you mitigate risks. We do this by leveraging supplier relationships forged over 35 years, across a procurement portfolio of 15,000 locations with an annual spend in excess of 15 billion US$.
Comprehensive Package

Making it happen

We combine the latest building technologies with powerful data acquisition, analytics and digital services capabilities that deliver new levels of building performance and insights. Incorporated with the appropriate financial solution and business model, this helps to make appropriate real estate decisions – from lease re-negotiation to asset acquisition and divestment strategies.

Let us boost your energy purchasing power

Siemens has developed world-class procurement services designed to reduce costs and risks by maximizing energy market competition and driving down supplier premiums. Our expert energy buyers continually review market conditions against existing contract terms and cost objectives to determine where opportunities can be captured and risks best contained.


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Smart insights for smarter building operations

Navigator – the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform from Siemens – underpins our full suite of services. It provides centralized energy and sustainability performance intelligence, with end-to-end insights into key building performance data analyses. It was ranked in the top three energy management software solutions by Verdantix in 2015.


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Program delivery models to suit every need

Two major barriers typically stand in the way of efficiency projects right from the start: financing and in-house skill sets. Siemens offers flexible delivery models, from energy performance contracting to managed services agreements with the potential for off-balance treatment.


Delivery and financing models 

Total Energy Management

Go further with Total Energy Management

In addition to helping you buy energy more efficiently, Siemens assists organizations in producing energy more responsibly and reduce energy in customizing an energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future via continuous data analyses and support.
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Take a holistic approach to your energy management strategy

Energy has an enormous impact on your ability to do business and to do it profitably. Our business is to help clients reduce their consumption of costly resources, optimize their supply of energy, and help their businesses become more sustainable.

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