Video fire and smoke detection – FDV202 FireCatcher

Video fire and smoke detector FDV202

The FDV202 firecatcher camera is a video fire and smoke detector, able to identify sources of smoke and fire by optical means. Video fire detection works as an additional line of defense, where standard detectors are insufficient to meet the requirements of challenging environments.

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In contrast to thermal imaging, video fire detection is purely based on visual detection. This enables the detection of smoke without heat signature. Especially in the smoldering fire phase, video fire detectors act as an early warning system by detecting even the slightest signs of smoke. The algorithm continuously scans and analyzes the environment in real time to locate incidents. In addition, images of smoke are evaluated to distinguish between real fires and deceptive phenomena, such as vapor, fumes and dust.

Application areas

Video fire detection is typically used where detection fails because the smoke is convected away from detection points, e.g. in open or semi-open areas and/or spaces with high ceilings. Video fire detection is also used in areas with deceptive phenomena, such as smoke, dust or vehicle fumes.

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