Fire alarm devices (EN)

Protecting people with voice, sound and light

To effectively guide people to safety in case of an emergency, fire alarm devices in public and commercial buildings must be carefully matched to local requirements. Lay the foundation for reliable alarming and evacuation in your building with our extensive portfolio of addressable ceiling- and wall-mounted sounders, voice sounders and beacons. Our loop-powered alarm devices comply with the latest standards for acoustic (EN 54-3) and optical alarming (EN 54-23) and can be customized to meet your individual demand.

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Modern technology ensures highest standards in alarming

For the reliable protection of your employees and guests, all of our alarm devices offer a range of benefits that are of great value in emergency situations and evacuations. You can be assured that in choosing Siemens, you are making the right choice to put life safety in your building first.
Application areas

Ideal alarming solutions for every demand

No matter your requirements, our diverse range of fire alarm devices gives you the flexibility you need to turn your building into a perfect place. Discover some examples of how our devices can be optimally configured for different application environments.
Product overview

Fire alarm devices for any application


The sounders create an acoustic alarm signal in case of an event. All devices offer a broad range of tone patterns.

  • 16 integrated tone pattern e.g. DIN Tone Sweep-down/Continuous/...
  • 3 sound levels (min/mid/max)
  • Sound pressure level (Up to 99dBA wall devices / Up to 96dBA ceiling devices)
  • Tones are fully synchronized across all loops of a panel
  • Sounders according to EN 54-3
Voice sounders

The devices with voice messages are able to play a precise voice instruction for different events in the building. With help of a voice message, the evacuation process is faster and the building occupants receive clear instructions.

  • Each voice message can be emitted in two languages with an attention tone
  • 15 languages integrated in the device
  • 5 predefined message categories
  • Customer-specific devices (customized order/preprogrammed in factory): Plus 2 languages, Plus 2 message categories, Plus 2 tone patterns
  • All voice messages are fully synchronized in an audible area (across all loops of a panel)
  • Voice messages according to EN 54-3

Addressing two senses – an optical and an acoustical signal – speeds up the alarming and evacuation process. We increase the awareness of the optical signal with a high flash intensity and a very short pulse length. The device has multiple options for brightness which can be adjusted according to the room size.

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Find out more about the technical features of our individual products in our dedicated HIT online catalogs.

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