Cerberus PACE – public address and voice alarm solution

Protecting lives with the sound of safety

In a world full of noise, you want to be heard loud and clear. Especially in acoustically challenging environments, the voice alarm (VA) system Cerberus PACE allows you to protect what matters. It makes sure that you get your message across, ensuring orderly and quick evacuation in case of an emergency. And in daily operation, Cerberus PACE works as public address (PA) system with pro-quality sound, helping to create a comfortable atmosphere. With Cerberus PACE, your environment is full of life and safe – because it is protected by the sound of safety.

Two systems, one high performing solution

Cover all your public address and voice evacuation needs

Every building has its individual needs – from office buildings to critical infrastructure like airports or large structures like shopping malls. But all these buildings have one thing in common: they need to be protected.

The right system for your application

From small and simple to large and complex: Cerberus PACE Modular and Compact cover every application. Both systems can be used for everyday operation like playing background music or ensuring controlled evacuation in case of an emergency. Both systems are fully compatible and flexible – so your PA/VA-system can grow with your needs.

The sound of safety for every building type

Meet your building’s needs with Cerberus PACE Modular and Compact

Cerberus PACE Modular and Compact allow you to address your building’s needs – with a system that enhances your flexibility, increases your competitiveness, and maximizes safety and convenience.

Cerberus PACE Compact

Cerberus PACE Compact 400 and 1000 are your solution of choice for small to mid-size buildings. The wall mounted voice alarm panels have a maximum output of up 800 W and 2,000 W respectively. Thanks to distributed intelligence, there is no single point of failure. Each network participant such as the audio matrix has a dedicated CPU. Cabinets, amplifiers, and speaker lines can be built up fully redundant, ensuring maximum safety even during maintenance work. Cerberus PACE Modular and Compact can be combined for increased reliability and cost-efficiency for any application that requires a central cabinet and several remote cabinets across the entire structure like in high-rise office buildings.

Cerberus PACE Modular

With up to 24 loops or 48 stubs, Cerberus PACE Modular is your solution of choice for large buildings with complex requirements. The system is enclosed in a 19" cabinet and has a maximum output of 6,000 W. The system can work with up to 3 audio matrixes. Amplifiers, speaker lines, audio matrixes as well as the cabinet and the network can be built up fully redundant to make sure that your building is always protected by the sound of safety.


One large Cerberus PACE Modular cabinet features at a glance:

  • Max. 6,000 W amplification
  • 19" cabinet
  • Possible redundancies: audio matrix, amplifier, speaker lines, cabinet and network
  • 24 loops / 48 stubs

Your benefits at a glance

Maximized safety and convenience thanks to a high performing system

Pro-quality sound with low latency makes sure that your message comes across crystal clear. The multi-redundant system architecture avoids single points of failure thanks to a distributed intelligence with a dedicated CPU for each matrix and the option to make every component redundant – providing optimum safety for a wide range of applications.

Enhanced flexibility for extensive customization

Cerberus PACE Modular and Compact are fully compatible systems that can be tailored precisely to your building’s needs. The system covers a multitude of connection options (loop, stub line, double stub lines, even compatible with star structures or T-taps) and is compliant with all relevant codes of practice and specifications. Addressable end of line modules allow you to modernize your system stepwise by keeping and supervising any existing speaker line structures for extension.

Ensured business continuity

Maintaining Cerberus PACE does not compromise life safety or business continuity. Real-time engineering allows troubleshooting, changing configurations and replacing components without causing any system downtime. Onsite remote access enables easy maintenance and convenience applications through smartphones or tablets, while offsite remote access enables experts to support in case of troubleshooting.

Use cases

Cerberus PACE protects people in all buildings that need a PA/VA system

The sound of safety protects lives – in large structures like airports and in smaller buildings like a small hotel. Have a look at the use cases and discover how Cerberus PACE works.
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Protecting what matters around the world with the sound of safety

Cerberus PACE is great because it is very adaptable. You can have different solutions and choose between a centralized system or a distributed one. You can adapt it to an existing installation, without replacing the cabling.
Dejan M., Technical Director
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