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Accelerate your digital transformation with our flexible fire safety digital services and solutions. Giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business. 


Adapted to individual fire safety needs, we combine detection, alarms, evacuations and extinguishing, supported by a 24/7 hazard management system and cloud-based solutions in one system. The integration of fire safety digital services allows us to provide you with direct access to the status of your fire safety system via smartphone – wherever you are. Through the continuous collection of relevant information with cutting-edge technology, comprehensive data analysis is conducted, any malfunctions attended to and undisturbed spaces preserved. Discover how we can enable you to move from reactive to proactive fire safety, with our fire safety digital services

Protect people and assets sustainably with fire safety services

Delivering value through digitalization

Utilize the full potential of fire safety digital services

With our fire safety digital services we can ensure increased system transparency and create the conditions for proactive and forward-looking operations. This makes day-to-day operations easier and ensures operational reliability – around the clock, 365 days a year. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from our service offerings to get the best out of your network and installed systems.

Record all events digitally with the electronic log book: eLogBook

Record all events digitally with the electronic log book: eLogBook

The eLogBook, our digital variant of the log book, automatically records and documents all events of the fire alarm system.​ This significantly reduces the time required to document the events. Manual entries are hardly necessary anymore.​ ​Data is securely transferred to our cloud-based platform. Access to the events recorded by the fire alarm system is possible at any time and from anywhere via a web browser.

Datenbasierte Analyse

Prevent business interruptions through data-based analysis

By documenting, analyzing and graphically processing relevant events such as alarms, faults and shutdowns, we create extensive transparency in day-to-day operations.​ With our performance report, we identify deviations from the ideal state quickly and efficiently. The cause of the discrepancy is determined and can be remedied promptly.​ Our Danger Level Report allows us to react early to changes in the environment, e.g. after conversion or new use of premises. Possible interruptions to operations can thus be identified in advance and avoided accordingly. This contributes significantly to operational safety.

Health Checks für Melder

Ensure the functionality of the detectors with regular health checks

With our health checks, we ensure operational safety around the clock.​ ​Through a remote test of the smoke detectors and the alarm devices, we provide information about the functionality of the smoke detectors and the alarm devices with our Peripheral Test Report. And with the Soiling Report, we provide data on the degree of soiling of the smoke detectors and the normative replacement date.​

​The data is securely transferred to our cloud-based platform and made available in digital form for further use.​ Our health checks supplement the on-site detector tests and thus ensure the necessary transparency for evaluating the system status. Faults can be detected before they arise. This is how proactive and forward-looking operations succeed – for more system availability and fewer interruptions to operations.

Sinteso Connect und unseren Remote Services

Everything at a glance: Anytime, anywhere with Sinteso Connect and our remote services

With our cloud-based application Sinteso Connect we enable mobile access to all information from the fire alarm system - via smartphone and tablet. The data is securely transferred to our cloud-based platform and made available on your mobile device.​ Current or past events can be checked on the go. Depending on the area of ​​responsibility, the operating staff is notified by push notification in the event of certain events.​

​For the diagnosis of events and for operational support, the operating personnel also has access to the specialist knowledge of our experts via our remote services. Thanks to the continuous monitoring of the system, action can be taken quickly and efficiently in the event of an incident, and important measures can be initiated.​

Siemens Xcelerator – Accelerating the digital transformation

Siemens Xcelerator is our open digital business platform enabling efficiency, resiliency, flexibility, user experience, and sustainability. Making digital transformation easier, with faster time to market, and at scale.

It comprises:

  • a curated, modular portfolio of software and IOT-enabled hardware built on standard application programming interfaces and a range of services from Siemens and certified third parties
  • a growing ecosystem of partners – from solution vendors to technology partners
  • a marketplace, that will grow over time, as a central point to explore, educate, exchange and transact alongside a community of customers, partners, and developers

With clear technical and commercial governance based on highest standards and values, we facilitate co-creation and collaboration between partners, customers and developers. Together, we can accelerate your digital transformation!

Digital transformation references

Advantage through innovative technologies

With our innovative portfolio, we can deliver state-of-the-art fire safety solutions and services to support the digital transformation of your organization and building requirements. Take a look at some of the companies we are helping to achieve their goals.
Cybersicherheit im Fokus

Cybersecurity as part of your digitalization journey

A networked building infrastructure and cloud-based technologies require comprehensive concepts for product, system and IT security. With our holistic approach, we support you in reducing the risk of cyber threats through appropriate measures.

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