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Smart doesn't always have to mean complex and large. Cerberus FIT maximizes fire protection in a simple way to suit your small to medium-sized building's needs. You can save effort and operational costs whilst gaining productivity. The technology is easy to use and doesn't require extensive training.

Cerberus FIT

Smart can be simple

Maximize safety in small to medium buildings

Fire protection is about protecting people and assets as well as securing business continuity. With CerberusTM FIT addressable, we offer reliable and cost-efficient fire protection for small to medium buildings. With approved system devices coming from one supplier, you can be sure that everything has been designed to work perfectly together. The flexibility of the panel allows system operation to be optimized for each application. The broad range of detectors and alarming devices with voice functionality provide fast and reliable detection and safe evacuation in any environment. 

Easy to commission, install and maintain

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Cerberus FIT FC360 series - technical features at a glance

– 1 loop or 2 stubs

– Number of addresses: max. 126

– 2 loop or 4 stubs

– Number of addresses: max. 252

Your benefits at a glance

Maximized fire safety and reliability thanks to a high performing system

The early and most reliable detection ensures the highest safety standards. Thanks to clear voice messages fast evacuation is secured. Our system meets all legal and compliance regulations.

Optimized operation and maintenance tasks

The auto configuration and license free tool allows for easy commissioning and installation as well as maintenance with intuitive operation for staff. No extensive training is required.

Ensured business continuity

By saving effort and operational cost, you and your team can focus on what really matters and maximize your business success. Gain productivity by reducing complexity. ASA technology provides immunity to deceptive phenomena, ensuring business continuity.

Use cases - maximize fire safety for small to medium-sized buildings


What our customers say
COMMISSIONING was made easy by the system which is really simple to use. This is also partly due to the fact that the software is included in the panel.
Remko, Field Services Manager, Solar Integrated Solutions
INSTALLING the system was simple. Being able to rely on the support of our partner and the name of Siemens, a token of quality, gave us the confidence to make this project a success.
Roeland, Project Leader, E.T.B. Ronday B.V.
MAINTENANCE checks are trouble-free. I have never had any problems since we installed the system two years ago. Not a single false alarm has been reported by the customer either.
Denis, Technician, E.T.B. Ronday B.V.

Planning your fire protection system

Planning your fire protection system can be a difficult task. Use our planning tool and desktop editor to make planning system easy and efficient.


Cerberus FIT planning tool

Cerberus FIT desktop editor