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Siemens Cerberus PRO fire protection system

With a comprehensive range of devices, systems, and life-cycle services, Cerberus PRO helps you protect people and buildings all-year-round while connecting technology with purpose. Thanks to cloud technology, you can access fire protection systems anywhere, anytime, for better monitoring, maintenance and planning.

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White paper: Cybersecurity meets fire systems

Today, fire protection systems are more interconnected with other building systems and cloud services than ever. This increases the risk of cyberattacks. Learn more about the cyber security threats in fire protection and find out what Siemens does to avert them.

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Smarter protection allows you to focus on what matters

By having all elements of protection (from detection, alarming and evacuation to extinguishing, danger management and cloud) in a single, powerful and IoT-enabled system such as Cerberus PRO, you can rest assured that everything is under control and therefore focus on what matters.

At the first sign of a fire hazard, the system detects it reliably and initiates further steps. The detection technology is available for a wide range of applications and distinguishes between real and deceptive phenomena. We help you go beyond regulatory requirements while making sure unnecessary interruptions in the building are avoided.


Connecting Cerberus fire protection systems to the cloud means you gain great visibility on multiple buildings from any location. Incidents are instantly communicated, and a more proactive protection is ensured. The resulting higher responsiveness increases safety and enhances operational efficiency.

Alarming and evacuation

Addressing two senses with both acoustic and visual alarms ensures everyone takes notice. When the alarm does sound, our solutions help evacuate people to a place of safety in a quick and orderly manner along safe, smoke-free routes.

Extinguishing and suppression

In case of a fire, seconds count – but it is not only essential to react quickly and efficiently, but also that any damage to costly and sensitive equipment can be kept to a minimum. For that, it is essential to have a reliable solution tailored to individual requirements. Our advanced extinguishing portfolio comprises systems with natural or chemical extinguishing agents as well as gas/water-combined systems.

Danger management

We help you keep your building’s fire protection systems monitored and operated from a single point of control. Our danger management system addresses your specific needs while accommodating future expansions. The solution is based on an open platform for smooth integration – with a modular structure that provides both flexibility and scalability.

Cerberus PRO networking options

Fast and reliable

Topology characteristics

  • Use of all cable types (shielded & unshielded)
  • Integration of star-shaped cable networks without modifications to cable network
  • 2-wire loop
  • Power supply to all bus elements via C-NET

Flexible and powerful

Topology characteristics

  • Redundant transmissions thanks to circular wiring
  • Increased safety due to degrade mode using a second network module
  • No additional cabling necessary for degrade mode; even for systems with more that 512 fire detectors
  • Configurable view of individual panels
  • Optional danger management system
  • Remote access with Cerberus Cloud Apps through built-in cloud gateway

Innovative, safe and EN 54-conform

Topology characteristics

  • Multiple clusters connected via fiber-optic backbone 
  • Redundant transmission thanks to circular wiring
  • Redundant connection possible due to two ethernet switches
  • Increased EMC protection thanks to fiber-optic cabling
  • Configurable view of each panel
  • Common remote transmission to emergency services
  • Optional danger management system
  • Remote access with Cerberus Cloud Apps 

Learn more about the Cerberus PRO panels

Thanks to our extended offering and portfolio, including various panel types, you can find the perfect solution for any application, from small to large and complex.
Max. loops
Max. stubs
Max. addresses

Overview of Cerberus PRO peripherals

Our comprehensive offering takes care of every element of protection. Click on the product group and check our online catalog for more product details.
SWING - wireless detection

SWING is the ideal solution for rooms or buildings of historical value, with aesthetic or architectural needs or for temporary installations.

Floor repeater terminals

Increasing safety with floor repeater terminals offer a quick overview on floor level with identical display and operation as found on control panels.

Input/Output modules

Addressable modules intelligently connect independent, potential-free make or break contacts. Whatever the need, our fire protection systems provide the ideal addressable module.

Sinorix extinguishing solution

The extinguishing offering is part of our fire safety offering. It provides you with automated, intelligent and integrated fire protection for people, processes, assets and the environment.

Fire control panels

Fire control panel with an integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberu PRO devices.

Automatic detectors

We offer appropriate detector equipment for all environments, thanks to our intelligent detector technology (DA) and advanced signal analysis (ASAtechnology) that exactly matches the conditions on site.

Special detectors

Our range of special detectors was specifically developed for all kinds of exceptional application requirements. 

Ex products

To reliably protect people and assets in explosion-hazard areas we offer special solutions that are required for fast and reliable fire detection.

Alarm devices

Ideal alarming solutions for every demand. No matter your requirements, our diverse range of fire alarm devices gives you the flexibility you need to turn your building into a perfect place.

Manual call points

We offer a selection of both conventional and addressable manual call points for standard applications as well as robust heavy-duty call points for open-air and/or special industrial use.

Alarm indicators

Alarm indicators for optical repeat signals enable the rapid identification of alarm-transmitting detectors which are not immediately visible or are difficult to access.

Extinguishing control units

XC10 are reliable and efficient panels for detection and extinguishing control. The portfolio offers panels for both single- and multi-sector applications. 

Cerberus PRO planning support

Cerberus PRO planning support

Planning a Cerberus PRO fire system? We have you covered with our dedicated planning support documents and tools – for easy fire safety planning.


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