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Siemens field devices ensure the perfect flow of air, water and data in buildings

Your building in Perfect Flow

Feel the perfect flow in your building. When your building is in Perfect Flow you may not see it, but whether it is a healthy indoor environment, a comfortable space or the most cost-efficient operation, the Perfect Flow makes your building smarter.  

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The right device for any application

All our devices are built to last, are easy to engineer, commission and integrate. By combining our unique comprehensive range, you can address any application to achieve the best level of control and efficiency.
Making smart buildings real

The Perfect Flow of Air, Water and Data

Every smart building requires the perfect flow of air, water and data to deliver the optimal indoor environment and the highest energy efficiency. Siemens ensures perfect flow thanks to a comprehensive offering of field devices, from valves and actuators to sensors and thermostats, combined with a set of proprietary technologies.

Breathe different

The Perfect Flow of air makes a sustainable difference

Fresh air may be invisible, but you will feel its impact: It turns rooms into spaces that give room for thought, creativity, productivity and well-being. Indoor air quality is one of the leading causes of public health concerns, putting managing air on top of the agenda. Creating good indoor air quality is a complex task: air circulation, inside and outside temperature, humidity, CO2-levels, VOC- and PM2.5-levels have to be considered and optimized. At the same time, this process needs to be as energy- efficient and sustainable as possible. Perfect Flow Air gives you access to products and solutions that allow you to create optimum indoor conditions and optimize the efficiency of your ventilation at the same time.

Create a smart ecosystem that lets you breathe different

With our controls, sensors and damper actuators, you can create a perfect flow of air for an entire building and for individual rooms. Our offering is scalable, so you can create the perfect flow of air one step at a time.

Sensors from Siemens


Our air quality and fine dust sensors are suitable for every type of building. Available as room, duct, and ceiling application, the high-precision multisensors use infrared absorption measurement to determine the CO2 concentration. Fine dust sensors provide you with accurate measurement data of PM2.5 and PM10 and are key to creating a healthy indoor climate.

OpenAir damper actuators

Damper actuators

OpenAir damper actuators for comfort ventilation and variable air volume provide you with the right options to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, our damper actuators allow you to create ideal indoor conditions without compromising on energy efficiency and sustainability.

RDG200 thermostat range

RDG200 thermostat range

RDG200 thermostats put the room in your hands. They are the elegant, multifunctional interface between building user and ventilation that comes with a multitude of options for sustainable room automation and seamless integration thanks to open KNX communication.

Do it right

The perfect flow of water delivers the right amount of energy to the right place at the right time. Siemens field devices facilitate perfectly balanced hydronic systems that ensure comfort as well as energy efficiency. Our products facilitate and optimize the workflow and support energy and cost efficiency throughout their life cycle.

Hydronic balancing made easy

Feel the comfort with the right amount of energy in the right place at the right time. Enjoy the benefits of perfectly balanced hydronic systems.

Valves and actuators from Siemens

Valves and actuators

With Acvatix valves and actuators fulfill any control and hydronic requirement associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of heating and cooling.

Dynamic hydronic balancing

Buildings consume about 40 percent of all energy worldwide, and HVAC systems account for more than 40 percent of buildings’ energy usage. That’s why optimizing HVAC systems is essential for the future. But people don’t want to compromise on comfort – so we need to build energy-efficient HVAC systems that adapt to peoples’ needs and keep comfort at the highest level. Hydronic flow optimization is a prime way to reduce HVAC energy consumption while also increasing overall building efficiency and operational performance.

Live life smarter

Data is essential to measure, control and optimize our buildings and spaces. By combining the latest IoT and connectivity innovations with our deep domain knowledge we bring the perfect flow of data from every space together to deliver advanced automation functions for all buildings.

Create highly adaptive and smart buildings

Let the data flow. Bring the data from every space together and deliver advanced automation functions for all buildings to live life smarter.

KNX Gamma Instabus portfolio from Siemens

KNX room systems

Based on the KNX communication standard, the Gamma portfolio integrates the control of lighting, shading, heating, ventilation and air conditioning for integrated room automation solutions for buildings of any size and purpose.

Symaro sensors portfolio from Siemens


The Symaro sensors offer precise measurements for room and duct applications throughout the entire lifecycle.


Discover field devices for smart buildings in practical use

Learn, how smart buildings can benefit from perfect flow of air, water and data.

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