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With our extensive experience in the field of forced draft oil and gas burners, Siemens is a leading and reliable partner for burner manufacturers. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio in this market segment and base our product development on the safety, reliability and functional requirements of our most demanding customers. Additionally, new requirements placed on high-efficiency burners, low emission levels and the use of bio fuels demand innovative solutions. Our extensive use of high-quality, mechanics, electronics, sensors, and other components is unique and enables the use of our products in a broad variety of physical and regulatory environments. Together with our partners and with research institutes, Siemens is actively researching and developing solutions for a cleaner future.  

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The LMV5 as the world’s most successful burner management system has set a standard in the market. With the improved successor LMV6 a new chapter for controlling medium- and high-capacity burners will start now. Decades of knowledge, in combination with the latest technical developments, are the source for a powerful burner management system that enables our customers to face future challenges.

– Powerful, scalable and sustainable.

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