Light your fire with LMV6 and EGAR

Light your fire with the new LMV6 

Get a boost to the next generation of burner management systems.
AZL6  awarded with the German Design Award Special 2021

GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2021 “Special Mention” for the AZL6

The Siemens AZL6 raises the bar for HMIs for oil and gas burners with fast commissioning, a clear menu structure, and intuitive operation. The status overview display actively supports the user during troubleshooting. Thanks to these features, the AZL6 has received the "Special Mention" award for outstanding and innovative product design.

Powerful, scalable and sustainable

The success story continues

As the world’s most successful burner management system, the LMV5 has set the standard in the market for safety, reliability, and efficiency. Its improved successor LMV6 is writing a new chapter on controlling medium- and high-capacity burners. It translates decades of knowledge, innovative solutions, and the latest technical developments into a powerful burner management system that enables our customers to face future challenges.

LMV6 system: Scalable by design

Replacing the actual LMV5 or LMV2/3 with an external load controller only requires few modifications. You can keep using proven peripheral components and expand the system based on your requirements: for example, with innovative sensors to optimize the speed and efficiency of the combustion. So whenever your burner series grows, the LMV6 functions grow along with it – which is exactly what you can expect from a product made by the top partner for burner manufacturers.

A scalable system

The new standard in power, user-friendliness, and sustainability.

Boost your business with the next generation of burner management systems!

The AZL6 redefines the benchmark for HMIs in the burner business. A large display makes the interaction between burner and user faster and easier than ever before. Intuitive graphics and icons simplify system handling and reduce training effort. To improve the user experience even more, multiple languages including English, Chinese, Italian, and German are integrated. The HMI also increases operational safety by requesting additional confirmation of safety-critical changes. Guided commissioning makes finding the right burner settings faster, easier, and more cost-effective. The HMI’s features have received the "Special Mention" award from the German Design Award Special 2021 and will make your work substantially faster and more efficient.

Sustainable efficiency for a cleaner planet

When it comes to cutting emissions, the LMV6 is raising the bar once again. It takes burner management to the next level with a significant boost in efficiency. This means that you burn less fuel for the same amount of energy compared to other burner management solutions. This reduces both consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and allows you to operate more sustainably and economically: a win-win solution for the environment and your company.

Excellence made to evolve

The LMV6 is a powerful FGR-ready system that features up to three high-precision actuators. It’s integrated flue-gas recirculation function helps maintain even the strictest NOx limits and meet ambitious sustainability goals. The system will be extended with several more innovations in the future – so be sure to watch this space.

Sustainable performance in a nutshell

Watch the video to find out more about how the LMV6 works and why it’s the ideal solution for sustainable burner management.


Ignite your success – today and tomorrow

If you share our vision of creating a clean future with efficient and secure combustion controls, LMV6 is exactly what you are looking for.