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The HVAC control solution for OEMs

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Digitalization has influenced the HVAC industry tremendously, speeding up innovation and service delivery and creating new areas of expertise. In turn, customer requirements and expectations are shifting. So far, OEMs have successfully adapted their business models and ways of working to meet these changes. However, this is just the beginning. Indeed, we expect the industry to keep moving and changing alongside the ever-evolving building technologies. The old boundaries are becoming blurrier, especially in the services field. OEMs have a unique opportunity to define and manage the data being generated by their equipment so they can create new services. Siemens provides the support OEMs need to capitalize on today’s opportunities with its Climatix control solution.

The control solution for OEMs

Based on Siemens decades of controls expertise, Climatix is a complete solution that uses the latest, most innovative technologies to enable cost-effective and efficient control of HVAC equipment. A comprehensive range of controllers means OEMs can find the right Climatix solution for any type of HVAC application. Climatix controllers are flexible, digital and customer centric. They are designed to meet all of the needs and requirements of both OEMs and their customers. Most of all, they are responsive to today’s trends and enable endless opportunities in the service field. Learn more about our solution…

The portfolio of controllers

Three flexible controllers cover any HVAC application.

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Climatix IC and Climatix smartHMI

The Climatix Control range provides a complete digital solution. All controllers can be easily connected to our cloud platform, Climatix IC. In addition, our digitalized HMI concept uses the latest technologies to simplify installation, commissioning, operation and service.

Climatix IC

Climatix IC is Siemens cloud-based solution for OEMs. Its open platform gives OEMs a real competitive advantage by helping them make the best use of collected data. All Climatix controllers can be easily connected to the cloud.

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Climatix IC

Climatix smartHMI solution

The Climatix smartHMI solution allows OEMs to offer the perfect interface to every user. From phones, tablets and computers to built-in HMIs, all user requirements can be fulfilled in just one engineering workflow. The result is higher customer satisfaction without additional costs.

Furthermore, the Climatix smartHMI concept offers many additional benefits along the lifecycle: 

Customize your interface with our smartHMI partners

To find solutions that best fit our OEMs specific needs, we are now expanding the possibilities of interface design for our Climatix smartHMI by collaborating with IT experts who have years of experience. Discover our Climatix smartHMI partners (more to come): 


Siemens CoCs and tools

Climatix tools and Centers of Competence put the focus on customers.

Centers of Competence (CoCs)

Siemens Centers of Competence (CoCs) provide support all around the world. Our global network of COCs consolidate our knowledge and provide backup to our local teams, who offer local support, speak your language and have a specific market expertise in your country.

The right tools, from engineering to service, are provided by Siemens

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