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Climatix solutions for air handling units

Siemens solutions for air handling units

Climatix control units, Siemens valve and damper actuators as well as sensors provide networked solutions for OEMs. Networking allows for simpler wiring concepts. This reduces the costs of materials and work. The product configuration manager can be used to customize damper actuators for OEM requirements. Siemens supports OEMs across their entire value chain with innovative products, tools and services.

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Application information

Efficient air handling units with networked products

Material and labor cost savings of up to 30% thanks to simpler wiring concepts with bus-compatible sensors and actuators. Tool-free installation of Modbus actuators owing to bayonet-mount and fast commissioning Climatix.

Key arguments for using the networked air handling units

Higher productivity and cost savings

  • Material and labor cost savings of up to 30% thanks to simpler  wiring concepts with bus-compatible sensors and actuators
  • Faster installation of actuators with no need for using tools.  Actuators are supplied complete with prefabricated connectors

Enhanced energy efficiency

  • Accurate sensors with long-term stability for all measured variables.
  • Also suited for demanding applications in the food or pharmaceutical industry
  • Support of Ecodesign directive ErP 2016/2018 through the use of bus-compatible sensors for monitoring filters, including cloud visualization

More flexibility

  • Products can be configured online and adapted to the manufacturing process.  
  • Cables, connectors, multipacks and customer logo can be matched to individual needs

Transparency with  cloud connection

  • Faster handling of commissioning, plant optimization and service work thanks  to map presentations of all plants
  • Favorably priced visualization of plant information tailored to the viewer’s requirements.
  • Implementation of trend recording with no need for using  costly server systems
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