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Room automation for OEMs

The VAV and room automation solution for OEMs

The future of room automation is integrated, connected to its users and sustainable. New functionalities are being integrated to provide room solutions that make the life of the building occupants even more comfortable and to optimize energy consumption. OEMs and their customers will also benefit from this trend thanks to a new Siemens concept that integrates room automation and variable air volume control in one VAV box. Our new range of products for OEMs merges air flow control functionalities with the monitoring of other parameters such as temperature, indoor air quality, humidity, presence, and fine dust particles. This solution, specifically developed for our OEM customers, lets manufacturers integrate systems directly in the factory in order to reduce installation time and costs for their customers.

What’s in it for you and your customers?

Design and manufacturing

Satisfy customer requirements at no extra cost

By incorporating our combined VAV/room automation application into their products, OEMs have a huge opportunity to fulfill more of their customers’ requirements. Design is made easy with Siemens the highly integrated Siemens solution, so you can grab this opportunity without extra engineering effort or cost. We have developed specific OEM tools, so the application can be smoothly integrated into the production line, and we guarantee efficient download and calibration for mass production.
Installation and commissioning

Install faster with minimal training

When it comes to installation, the main concerns are always time and complexity. Installers prefer solutions that can be installed quickly and that are relatively simple because it increases their efficiency. To respond to their needs, we employ plug-and-play concepts that reduce complexity to a minimum. We also develop commissioning apps that simplify the process and reduce the need for training.

Installation made easy with plug-and-play room automation solutions

In a traditional application, the installer has to connect the VAV box to the room controller. Our device combines a standard actuator with a room controller, which avoids the need for wiring work between the two products. With our combined solution, neither the work nor the cables are needed.

To further reduce wiring material and risk of errors, we use bus communication between the room units and sensors, etc., and use BACnet to communicate with the building management system. The controller is part of the Siemens building automation portfolio and can be integrated smoothly into the network.

Commissioning made easy with ABT Go

The process is easier, quicker and more efficient with the Siemens ABT Go application. Its modern interface guides installers through the commissioning and troubleshooting steps, giving them a perfect overview of their tasks. At the end, the installers can generate reports for their customers and send them via e-mail. ABT Go is free of charge and available for any mobile device. Installers can connect the app to the room automation/VAV solution using the USB port or the network.

Effortless reconfiguration and cost-efficient maintenance

Adapt to future changes flexibly and as per budget

Today, buildings are designed with flexible space that can be adapted to tenant needs. For example, the current tenant may want to use the space as a single room, while tomorrow’s tenant might want to have three separate rooms. It’s easy to accommodate the change by simply reconfiguring the mapping of the room automation/VAV solution – neither rewiring nor re-engineering is required, so there’s no additional cost. The plug-and-play solution is also easy to maintain and the individual devices replaced when necessary.
Perfect balance of room comfort and energy consumption

Optimize energy consumption and comfort

The Siemens actuating DXR room controllers family combined with our Desigo room automation platform can easily meet any end-user requirements. Desigo takes a user-focused approach to room operation and offers many functionalities that focus on the needs and wishes of the room occupants. Included are automatic optimal operation by default, user-friendly room units with value display for individual room comfort needs, and a green leaf button to reset the system to optimal operation in a single click.

Automatic optimal operation by default for greater energy efficiency

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Desigo Room Automation

Active involvement of room users

Our DXR actuating room controllers are compatible with a range of intuitive and user-friendly room units with value display for individual room comfort needs. The range includes simple units with temperature sensor and occupancy button all the way to sophisticated units with touch screen, green leaf functionality, and scenes modes (e.g. meetings, presentation, break, non-occupied). 

Room automation for OEMs

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OpenAir Actuators

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It’s quick and easy to match our OpenAir actuators to VAV boxes, reducing time and effort. Integrated damper position feedback simplifies service. 

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