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Variable speed drive G120P

How do you spell efficiency?

We spell it G120P. The G120P variable speed drive from Siemens is ideal for the efficient control of air and liquid media in typical commercial and residential HVAC systems. Using intelligent strategies for controlling fans and pumps, the G120P can achieve up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional control methods – and saves on wear, lifecycle and maintenance costs, too.   The G120P is highly reliable and offers many intelligent features and functions tailored to suit your HVAC applications. Thanks to its modular concept, it is exceptionally flexible and service-friendly, and offers ease of installation, commissioning and operation.

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Benefit with G120P

Cost-cutting made easy with G120P

Modular and flexible design

The G120P variable speed drive consists of a control unit, a power module and an operator panel or blanking cover. Therefore, customers pay for what they really need, as for instance only one operator panel is needed to parameterize several variable speed drives. What is more, the modular design allows for a reduced number of spares, and in case of a component failure only the defective component needs to be replaced. If you exchange a power module, you don’t even need to reparameterize. So modular design actually means increased service flexibility, reduced costs and less waste of resources.

Demand-controlled, safe pump and fan operation

Tailored to the needs of pump installations and ventilation plants, the G120P variable speed drive supports optimum operation. The drives ensure that supply and exhaust fans and pumps are operating according to actual demand. In addition, the G120P keeps you on the safe side with intelligent controls. In pump applications, for instance, the G120P can detect a variety of events, such as a pump being blocked or running dry, an overloaded motor or the pump running outside the characteristic curve. In ventilation plants, the G120P can detect a failed belt, an overloaded motor, a blocked fan or a worn out bearing. In each of these potentially dangerous scenarios, the G120P protects your plant – either by triggering an alarm, lowering the motor’s speed, switching it off, or performing a programmed action.

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The right G120P for your project is only a few clicks away.