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Building the future together

The Partner Network
The Partner Network

Siemens Partner Network

The future may not be written in the stars, but through the Partner Network, we will find our way together. Working in harmony, our network excels in connecting people, places, and knowledge across the globe. To make life easier for you and your customers. The Partner Network is built around you and your needs. It's a way to collaborate with your peers and with your local Siemens team - regardless of distance or scale. It's a place where knowledge, training and information are always within your grasp. Together we are embarking on a unique journey.

A journey that will shape the future of buildings.

Why join the Partner Network?

Convincing decision-makers to opt for your company requires a great deal of effort - together we make it easy. Siemens Partner Network offers a range of benefits for you and your customers, from exclusive access and localized content to enhancing your offering and credibility by partnering with Siemens.

Partner with us today and stay ahead of competition.

Siemens offers the complete product portfolio allowing me to offer my clients 99% only Siemens products - no one else has such product diversification.
Andrea Minozzi, Minozzi Energy Products, Italy

Building Products Talks Sessions with Siemens Partners

The BP Talks are live discussions giving you valuable insights into new product introductions, market research, best-practices and references as well as a broad range of business topics that will support you in growing your business. We want to share our knowledge and our skills to contribute to your success.

Exclusive access to knowledge and training material

The Partner Network puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, from Siemens product-specific data and CAD drawings to the latest industry standards and webinars. Through our comprehensive set of both technical and sales trainings, we make it easy for you to build your expertise and become a market leader.


The Partner Network offers:

  • Partner Portal with exclusive product-specific data, marketing and sales material, training information, news and updates, and more
  • Partner University: webinars, e-learnings, self-study material, targeted classroom trainings and curricula

Value for money with high-quality cutting-edge products

Not only do you get high-quality and innovative products to realize your smart buildings projects, but we also support you with the necessary tools. Our consistent tooling framework across portfolios makes your life easy. Add fast, customizable logistics and supply options to optimize your warehouse or jobsite. 


The Partner Network offers:

I feel part of the Siemens family and this makes me feel important.
Alexandru Tican, Gerom International, Romania

A connection to a community of experts in building technology

We work better when we are connected. By joining the Partner Network you are becoming part of an exclusive community of like-minded contemporaries. Share your expert knowledge, find your counterpart in a related field, or find new leads - by being connected, we can achieve more.


The Partner Network offers:

  • Multiple opportunities to meet your peers: regular virtual conferences, local parter events, exclusive international Partner Summit, as well as several fairs and events throughout the year
  • Forums to stay in touch whenever you need

A supportive team behind you

We understand what barriers exist to making projects live. From technical and financial support to marketing, sales and social media assistance, we are there for you no matter what you need. In every circumstance, we support you to give you the confidence to approach your clients and win your projects. 


The Partner Network offers:


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