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Transform your buildings into high-performing assets

Solutions for demand side efficiency
Webinar: Evolution of automation in data center cooling

Whitepaper: How artificial intelligence is cooling data center operations

This paper explores AI and its impact on data centers, using White Space Cooling Optimization as an example of how AI can be implemented today. Furthermore it reviews how a global financial firm is using White Space Cooling Optimization as part of its thermal optimization plan.

Building performance like no other

Right-sized building efficiency improvements

Every building starts at a different point on the sustainability journey – this creates unique sets of efficiency challenges and opportunities. From public entities to global enterprises, Siemens designs and implements building efficiency and sustainability improvement programs that are commensurate with the organization’s own constraints and goals.

A Siemens global network of experts leverages advanced technologies and building analytics to deliver one of the most comprehensive portfolio of building performance and sustainability services on the market.

Advanced technologies for better building performance 

It’s important to ensure that buildings remain fit for purpose for years to come, while managing resources and costs more effectively. This requires a holistic approach – and a partner that understands the technological opportunities for organizations that want to monitor, improve and report on the efficiency of their facilities. We combine the latest building technologies with advanced analytics and digital services capabilities that deliver new levels of building performance – for single buildings, campuses or geographically distributed facilities. In doing so, we help public, corporate and institutional investment real estate actors meet their strategic and operational goals.

Better building performance based on profound domain expertise

As the complexity of building operations grows, so does the landscape of performance optimization. Our global specialists help you add critical resources and skills to your in-house teams, and ensure that goals are met and efficiency programs continue to deliver results. From Energy and Data Managers to Project Managers and Service Engineers, our specialists draw from their strategic and operational expertise to capture the right building data, identify and prioritize improvement opportunities and take action. They make sure that you receive proficient and proactive all-around support, delivering the right skills for your challenge at every stage of your efficiency improvement program.

New whitepaper: Addressing decarbonization at the grid edge.

Decarbonization is a critical transition that is affecting all businesses in the commercial and industrial sector. Discover what measures you should take to get started on the path to decarbonization – download the free whitepaper now.

Sustainable buildings

Transform your buildings into high-performing assets

Siemens is trusted around the world by public and commercial organizations looking to increase the value and competitiveness of their buildings and infrastructure. We achieve this by delivering building Performance and Advisory Services – underpinned by profound expertise in building operations and data-driven digital service delivery capability –  that maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact.

Turn data into results across your entire building portfolio

Siemens brings powerful data acquisition and analytics capabilities that help inform appropriate real estate decisions – from lease re-negotiation to asset acquisition or divestment strategies. At its core, you’ll find Navigator, the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform. Our experts draw from the building analytics it unlocks and from their profound expertise in building operations and energy management. They continually identify, benchmark and prioritize new improvement opportunities for  building efficiency programs. It all starts with the right data. The right data becomes opportunity. The right opportunities drive results.

Corporate real estate

Release funds for your core business

Embrace group-wide building performance and governance improvement programs that reduce the costs and risks of managing distributed building portfolios, and support strategic and sustainability goals.
How Marriott Hotels Europe plans on saving €1 million a year through building performance optimization

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Institutional real estate

Building performance drives return on investment

Increase the value of your real estate portfolio and maximize return on investments with trusted Performance and Advisory Services that help identify and prioritize areas of potential savings, lower CO₂ emissions and drive environmental compliance risks down – so building portfolios can stay ahead of the market.
Real estate decarbonisation: a special report in association with Property Funds World

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Public sector

Balance shrinking budgets with service level improvements

Improving building performance can be a critical success factor for public entities to bridge their growing funding gaps. Our Performance and Advisory Services combined with off-balance sheet financing options, lower upfront investments, improve resource efficiency and reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.
Reduced energy costs and a better learning environment in Sosnowiec, Poland

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Building managers

Meet your stakeholders’ needs more consistently

In a context of increasing business operational complexity, optimizing building performance in line with budgets, while improving workplace quality and productivity, requires the ability to identify and resource energy consumption and supply performance improvements.  
How Taiwan's Chang Gung Memorial Hospital cuts its yearly energy use by 2 million kWH

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Building efficiency in action


Sustainability and building efficiency success can take many forms. Take a look at some of the projects we were involved with to find out how organizations like yours have benefitted from our expertise and services.
Key visual building performance and sustainability

Making the right choices today will drive your efficiency in the long run

From tactical optimization to strategic, long-term efficiency programs – whatever your goals, and wherever you are on your efficiency and sustainability journey. Our services enable you to optimize how you consume, purchase and even produce energy.

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