Aïshti Foundation in Beirut

A perfect place to discover. Upscale retail space meets art gallery in building that breaks all conventions. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to discover

Aïshti Foundation in Beirut

Aïshti Foundation, as the building in Beirut is called, stands in a city that celebrates excess. It is also a brick-and-mortar retail space in an era of online shopping. Creating something unique that confounds such contradictions is part of what Tony Salamé – founder and CEO of Aïshti, one of the region’s most successful retail fashion groups – wanted to achieve with this combined shopping mall and art gallery. “Our purpose was to create a destination for sophisticated customers. Today it is not about coming to a store and buying; you can buy online. It is about how we can elevate the shopping experience or create a surprise for the shopper,” Salamé explains.   Salamé chose celebrated British architect David Adjaye to design the structure, and Siemens to provide the building management system (BMS). “The idea is always to work with the best in each field, so we chose to do the installation of BMS with Siemens,” Salamé explains.


An eye catcher on the outside with state-of-the-art technology on the inside: for the Aïshti Foundation, the plans called for a building management platform to allow easy control.

Another important requirement was for a sustainable building solution. Salamé: “Today you cannot build structures that are not sustainable. Being friendly to the environment and reducing energy consumption is the least you can do,” Salamé says.


Siemens and the local Siemens Solution Partner Khater Engineering provided Desigo CC with its single integrated view and control center covering the entire building’s performance, from building automation, fire and life safety, lighting, and IP cameras all the way to power and energy. The Siemens solution also includes Desigo PX automation stations to control chiller plant, boiler plant, air handling units, parking ventilation, water supply services, KNX communicating room thermostats, and Acvatix™ valves and actuators. In all, the Siemens solution makes Aïshti Foundation into a high-efficient building.

Siemens and Khater Engineering also supported the client in meeting a challenging deadline for the opening. “Aïshti Foundation was a fast-track project where the chilled water system was put into operation only three days before the opening. Thanks to the Acvatix™ valves, we were able to do the commissioning very quickly and the handover of the project was achieved on time with a fully operational and well-controlled HVAC system,” says Antoine Makhoul, Administration Manager with Khater Engineering.


The opening of Aïshti Foundation in November 2015 wowed regional and global fashion brand executives, art dealers, artists, government officials and more. The building with its state-of-the-art automation also reinforces the focus on excellence that Salamé demands of his stores and his organization.

The Aïshti Foundation is environmentally friendly. Makhoul: “The Aïshti Foundation is like a living organism constantly adapting to the environment in an efficient and harmonious way. It saves a lot of energy by optimizing its energy flows and using highly efficient Siemens technologies. This lowers the operating costs and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.”


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