Al Hamra Business Tower, Kuwait

A perfect place to work. FireFinder XLSV from Siemens meets the special challenges posed by high-rise buildings.
A perfect place to work

Al Hamra Business Tower, Kuwait

With its 414 meters, the Al Hamra Business Tower is currently the tallest building in Kuwait and the world's highest sculpted tower. It houses 80 office floors as well as a luxury shopping center. Thousands of people visit the multipurpose building every day.


When it comes to fire safety, high-rise buildings are a special challenge because they pose a much higher and more complex risk than small buildings. One of the reasons is that high-rise buildings contain many different environments, each with different challenges for a fire protection system. In case of an event, thousands of people on all floors also have to be evacuated safely and in an orderly manner.


The Siemens Solution Partner Al Kulaib Universal Co. installed a FireFinder XLSV control panel from Siemens with integrated voice evacuation. The FireFinder XLSV is an extremely advanced fire protection and emergency system that is ideal for meeting the challenges of high-rise buildings.


  • The system provides increased life safety thanks to evacuation functions integrated in the control panel
  • Support is available for up to five redundant networked global voice command stations
  • A ring network configuration ensures communication even if wiring breaks or a panel goes offline
  • Each panel is capable of providing true local backup in the event of isolation
  • The system ensures full two-way communications capability from any voice command station

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