Accelerating digital transformation at Arvato Financial Solutions

Hybrid work models offering more flexibility and human-centric experience through IoT enabled solutions

The goal is to create a productive and efficient working environment. With this in mind, Arvato Financial Solutions wants to drive the digital transformation of its locations forward and enable its employees to work flexibly in the future. But how? Through the Comfy intelligent workplace platform, which allows employees to plan their working day at the office according to their specific needs. Comfy will be integrated into 32 locations across 15 countries by the end of 2022. This will revolutionize office working life for Arvato’s 5,000 employees across 63,000 qm of office space.

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Reference: Digital workplace environment at Arvato Financial Solutions


Project focus: Smart office solutions, digitalization, IoT technology, Comfy  

With the Comfy platform from Siemens, we will drive the digital transformation of our workplace environment and enable our employees to plan their workday based on their own preferences.
Jan Altersten | CEO of Arvato Financial Solutions
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Comfy platform and app enable flexible working

The implementation of the Comfy platform and app supports Arvato's flexible working model by creating a digital workplace environment. Working from different locations and efficient work scheduling is  ensured not only during the pandemic. In particular, the transparency and insight into the available spatial capacities allows the employee to find and select the appropriate workspace for her/his task. Employees can also use the Comfy app to view office schedules, find disinfection stations, or make requests for cleaning and maintenance. Using the opt-in feature, employees decide whether to share their location and status, so colleagues can find each other in the office and see their availability based on status information. The Comfy platform also offers a data analytics dashboard that provides insight into overall workstation and meeting room usage. This allows data-based decisions to be made regarding space utilization and capacity utilization. 

How Arvato Financial Solutions is shaping the flexible future of work

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