Auckland Museum in Auckland, New Zealand

A perfect place to preserve New Zealand’s heritage. A reliable fire protection system from Siemens creates a safe and secure environment. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to preserve New Zealand’s heritage

Auckland Museum in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Museum is regarded as one of the finest Museums in the Southern Hemisphere and is renowned for its unique collection of Māori and Pacific treasures. It is also a war memorial for the Auckland province.


Housed in one of the country's finest heritage buildings, the Museum tells the story of New Zealand as a nation; from award-winning natural history exhibits to galleries which investigate New Zealand's cultural origins.


Scars on the Heart, the Museum's war memorial exhibition, tells the story of New Zealand at war, while He Taonga Māori - the Museum's Māori treasures gallery, displays over 2,000 priceless Māori artefacts, including rare carvings and the last great Māori war canoe carved from a giant Totara tree.


Auckland Museum is the only venue in Auckland where visitors can experience a Māori cultural performance daily.


Due to ongoing changes, Auckland Museum required an upgrade of the existing Algorex Fire Protection System. The customer decided to keep the fire safety at their premises of the highest quality, and therefore migrated to the latest available fire protection technology.


Remark: The migration was performed by the company AlgoTech Fire Services, Pty. Ltd.

A migration from Algorex to Cerberus PRO proved to be the right choice for Auckland Museum. The customer decided to migrate the system to the new technology, Cerberus PRO. In the first phase, all fire indication panels were upgraded to Cerberus PRO.


The migration included 200 ASA neural fire detectors installed throughout the museum.

Additionally, the system is made up of three networked Fire Panels, two Fire Terminals and a remote access via a MBconnect router.


Furthermore, the car park and certain exhibition areas were also migrated to Cerberus PRO field devices. The remaining Algorex devices (15 interactive loops) were connected to the Cerberus PRO panels, and will be migrated in the next stages.


The Siemens Solution Partner AlgoTech Fire Services could use the existing cabling, which saved time and costs to the client. In addition, there was no need to close the museum during the migration, as the upgrades to the Fire Indication Panel were executed in one day, and the car park devices, in one week.


The migration path from Algorex to Cerberus PRO, offers the customer a seamless transition to manage their buildings safety with state of the art fire detection technology. Furthermore, the ASA technology offers our customer a peace of mind against false alarms caused by deceptive pheonoma, potentially created during cultural performances, and events.

Detectors with the innovative ASAtechnology provide intelligent detection of smoke, heat and CO in any environment, without false alarms.

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