Baumgarten Stetten

Comfortable climate thanks to Smart Home. Eleven terraced family homes were equipped with the Siemens Smart Thermostat.  #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating perfect places

Baumgarten complex in Stetten

This year, it was finally time to replace the 80s-vintage, wood-burning heating system in the Baumgarten complex in Stetten (Aargau, Switzerland). The eleven terraced family homes were also equipped with the smart thermostat from Siemens. The modern technology makes the home intelligent and energy-efficient, giving the residents a taste of the smart home of the future.


In the Baumgarten complex, the wood-burning system was replaced and connected to the local district heating network. As a result, the existing thermostats, valves and actuators had to be replaced.

The aim was to modernize the heating system from the 1980s.


Allotherm AG, a company for the planning of district heating systems, was instructed to modernize the heating system. Christian Bieri, Head of Energy Technology at Allotherm, was looking for a simple replacement for the existing controller. He came across the Siemens Smart Thermostat RDS110 via internet research. After some clarifications with the technical support at Siemens Steinhausen, he was convinced using this IoT product. The existing valves and actuators were already Siemens products. To ensure hydraulic balancing, they were replaced by the VPI46.15LO.2 combination valve and the STA23 actuator. 

We issued a tender for the smart thermostat because we were looking for a simple replacement for the existing controller
Christian Bieri, Head of Energy Technology Allotherm AG


"The smart thermostat was easy to connect, small and space-saving," says Daniel Schmidt. The project manager for heating, ventilation, and sanitation at Zenobini AG handled the installation and start-up of the smart thermostats. . Schmidt claims commissioning as intuitive and self-explanatory; there's no need for a Siemens technician. In addition to the Smart Thermostat, Zenobini AG also installed new combi valves and drives from Siemens. They control the water volumes and temperatures efficiently and ensure hydraulic balancing, thus making energy savings efficient.

The operation of the Smart Thermostat convinces the residents in Stetten: "The operation of the app and the thermostat is logical and really simple," says Werner Blaser, owner of one of the eleven terraced single-family homes.

Claudia Hoppler, also a resident of the Baumgarten development, who has installed the new Smart thermostats in her home, is also positive. "I have already downloaded the app for operating the Smart Thermostat and can regulate the temperature in my apartment from a distance.