Bayreuth District Hospital (BKH)

Helping to heal - in a climate-friendly way

The Bayreuth District Hospital (BKH) is making its electricity and heat supply fit for the future and saving energy costs at the same time thanks to services and solutions from Siemens.
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Optimize patient comfort sustainably and efficiently


Hospitals are under high cost pressure. That's where energy efficiency measures are a good lever to achieve savings and free up funds for medical infrastructure and patients. This was also the goal of the Bayreuth District Hospital (BKH) in Germany. This requires not only state-of-the-art treatment methods, but also an optimal power and heat supply.

Reliable energy for optimal treatment

The medical know-how of a hospital is fundamental for a good recovery - however, comfort also plays a supporting role. After all, a welcoming healing environment is the basis for the well-being of patients. In order to provide them with optimal treatment and accommodation while making the energy supply sustainable, the Bayreuth District Hospital is working with Siemens and its energy experts to develop a customized solution.


Economical benefits of decarbonization

Until now, the BKH has obtained electricity and heat from outside sources - and also uses them to generate its process steam. The outdated system is to be comprehensively renewed.

Steaming up - but efficiently

The central steam generation system at BKH is oversized and consumes too much energy. Energy experts from Siemens are therefore designing a decentralized, demand-controlled high-speed steam generation system with modern control and replacing the existing plant. The boilers will also be modernized and equipped with a control management system - this will significantly increase their efficiency. In the future, the hospital's own combined heat and power (CHP) plant will provide electricity, heat and additional income, because surplus electricity will be sold on the electricity exchange. In addition, Siemens is installing a new medium-voltage compact station with utility feed-in. This brings greater security of supply to BKH.

Demand-driven and cloud-based control

The kitchen ventilation system at BKH also offers potential for optimization: Siemens is replacing the existing system with the innovative Kitchen Air Flow. Demand-based control ramps up ventilation only when needed, saving energy. All new equipment is monitored and controlled by Siemens' building automation system Desigo. Deep insights into energy management are provided by Navigator, the cloud-based energy and asset management platform from Siemens. The savings from the new, efficient technology and controls are enormous - and guaranteed, thanks to an energy-saving warranty contract.


Guaranteed savings through modernization

In total, BKH Bayreuth saves 312,000 euros per year with the new systems and its smart control. Siemens contractually guarantees these savings over 10 years, thus refinancing the initial investment of 2 million euros. The modernization will also receive a one-time government subsidy of 106,000 euros. This will save BKH around one third of its energy costs in the future. And it's not just finances that benefit, the environment does too: the hospital produces 1,171 tons less CO2 annually. Together with Siemens energy experts, BKH is not only making its power and heat supply future-proof and sustainable - it is also ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for its patients in the long term.
Bayreuth District Hospital

1 t CO2

less the BKH Bayreuth produces in the future

less produced annually compared to previous years

100000 Euro

saves the BKH Bayreuth every year in energy costs

10000 Euro

state funding received for the project


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