Biostoom Beringen

Well thought-out fire detection and safety concept guides Biostoom efficiently from waste to raw material.

Sustainability is Biostoom Beringen’s raison d'être. The Limburg biosteam plant processes 200,000 tonnes of waste annually and converts it into thermal energy via incineration. That energy goes to the nearby environment, in the form of steam, hot water or electricity. It relies on Siemens technology to ensure that the entire process is safe and efficient.

Thanks to the integrated concept from Siemens, we now have an additional virtual assistant that provides us with the right information at the right time.
Philip Peeters | Managing Director | Biostoom Beringen

Fire safety and security ensures businesses continuity

There is a particular emphasis on fire detection. 3rd party smoke detection cameras were added to the Siemens total concept and play a crucial role in fire prevention by detecting smoke at an early stage.

Additional camera technology also monitors irregularities within the general logistics flow.

Technical knowledge and innovative thinking are the strengths of this collaboration. This is how we’re tackling current and future challenges together.
Bram Verstraete | Account Manager | Siemens Smart Infrastructure