The building is the beer.

Fire safety systems from Siemens make the Feldschlösschen brewery in Switzerland a perfect place to keep a tradition on tap. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating perfect places

A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose

At Switzerland’s Feldschlösschen brewery, the words ‘since 1876’ appear on every bottle. That’s not just a statement. It’s a philosophy. The same brewing methods since 1876. The same recipes. The same quality. A promise that every beer will be as good as the last. And if the brewery is protected, their product is protected – and their tradition is protected. Fire safety systems from Siemens protect Feldschlösschen’s most important ingredient: The building.
A perfect place to keep a tradition on tap

Feldschlösschen: The building is the beer

Feldschlösschen translates into "Little castle in the field". A poetic name for a special place. Feldschlösschen is not just an average production facility, but a place that breathes craftsmanship and tradition. It is also the name of the beer, printed of every single label for 140 years. Since then, every beer has been as good as the last.
Feldschlösschen beer without its tradition, without the building, that’s impossible.
Bruno Born, master brewer at Feldschlösschen brewery
Modernizing tradition

The best way of keeping tradition alive: protect it with the most modern fire safety system

How do you make sure that everything stays exactly the same? By making changes where it matters. For Feldschlösschen this means to listen exactly what the 140-year-old brewery building has to say – with the help of a brand new fire detection system. Quite a challenging task – because to protect the brewery efficiently, one must know every single building of the large compound by heart.

Feldschlösschen has a long tradition to use the latest fire safety technology. So, a comprehensive networked solution has just the next logical step for keeping everything as it has been for more than a century. When it comes to fire safety, not the fastest but the most refined solution is best. That’s why Feldschlösschen is modernizing its more than 2,000 fire detectors and 17 fire control panels – a process that still goes on. The main idea behind this modernization was, of course, to improve safety and to reduce complexity at the same time. So instead of 17 individual, there are now only 5 networked fire control panels – situated all over the compound. The advantage: no matter where a fire is detected, countermeasures can be taken on every fire control panel, independent of its location. This allows the fire department at Feldschlösschen to react faster and even better protect their building. Because essentially, fire safety is very much akin to brewing itself: you can’t get a single thing wrong. Where the brewer detects notes of cinnamon, cloves and citrus, the fire detection system detects signs of smoke particles, heat, smokeless liquids and gas.


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