Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

A perfect place to stay and relax. Siemens technology provides the highest level of security and safety for the hotel and its guests. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to stay and relax

Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

Ranked as one of the top luxury hotel brands globally, the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts manages 98 properties around the world. The Four Seasons Seoul, which opened in 2015, features 317 guestrooms on 25 floors. 


For its property in Seoul, Four Seasons was intent on selecting a security system that would ensure the highest level of security and safety for its guests and staff while providing optimal comfort everywhere and at all times.


Key factors for the decision to use Siemens installations and systems were proven references in the hotel industry and the ability to design a state-of-the-art security infrastructure suited to the world’s most luxurious hotels. In the framework of the contract, Siemens set up a comprehensive security system in the 25-story Four Seasons Seoul including CCTVs, access control systems, a security management system and an advanced help assistance system.

Through the implemented access control systems, the security staff is able to manage and control access to all areas of the property. This is achieved through a variety of modern electronic identification methods, which only allow access to an area once the individual has been identified and his or her access rights confirmed after comparison to the profile database on a central processing unit.

The installed video surveillance and management systems support the security personnel and keep the whole facility under continuous observation for maximum guest security. This is achieved through strategically positioned fixed or adjustable dome cameras in places such as the foyer, loading ramps, elevators and other public areas. 


The benefit of these modern solutions lies in the ability to define, reassign or invalidate an individual’s access rights at a moment’s notice as well as centrally log every access attempt in real-time. This is extremely helpful should an incident such as theft or vandalism require investigation or an auditable video trail to pursue charges in a court of law. Furthermore, these solutions can be used for other purposes such as time-limited zoning scenarios, whereby specific individuals such as the housekeeping staff may only enter the premises through specific entrances at pre-defined times.


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