Interxion data center, Austria

Full power for Austria‘s largest data center campus

Interxion has completed the final expansion of its data center in Vienna on time thanks to the support and technology from Siemens.
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The Dutch company Interxion operates over 50 data centers in Europe. Two data centers in Vienna serve over 100 carriers and ISPs with five Internet exchange nodes.

Two data centers on a combined area of 23,000 m²

Interxion operates more than 50 data centers in Europe, including the largest data center campus in Vienna, Austria, where the two independent data centers Vienna 1 and Vienna 2 are located in one hall. The servers occupy around 11,000 of the 23,000 m² company premises. The capacities are used by cloud providers, digital media of all kinds, but also financial service providers. Since the recent expansion of its data center capacities, Interxion has been making full use of the available power supply capacity. The expansion had to be completed on time because Interxion‘s customers expect 100 percent availability.

Independent power supply

The power supply of the entire campus can be provided independently of the public power grid – not just briefly, but 365 days a year, around the clock. In order to ensure both optimum power supply and to complete the project on time, Interxion has decided to continue its proven cooperation with Siemens. The entire solution for the medium- and low-voltage power distribution was supplied by Siemens, including transformers and busbars. Thanks to the partnership, the tight schedule could be met despite the damage to already installed busbars caused by construction work: Siemens had new busbars produced in an extra shift over the weekend, which were then installed on time.

Important key figures

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