Digital transformation helps achieve sustainability goals for Derichebourg Multiservices

IoT ecosystem transforms building efficiency for French facility services provider

Derichebourg Multiservices based in France, is a provider of facility services for companies and municipalities and employs 36,000 people throughout six different countries. When the group moved into its new headquarters in Créteil near Paris in 2020, one of the cornerstones for the building’s refurbishment was its focus on sustainability. It was key for Derichebourg to follow its own commitment to using environmentally friendly technology, but also to meet government regulations that require companies in France to achieve energy savings of 40% by 2030.

With lighting alone often responsible for 10% to 15% of total energy consumption in the service sector, working with the right partner and the right digital technology was central to achieving the group’s sustainability ambitions. That’s why Derichebourg Multiservices selected Siemens subsidiary Enlighted and its IoT solutions for the new HQ.

Reference: Smart sensors control energy consumption for Derichebourg Multiservices


Project focus: Digital transformation, IoT technology, smart sensors, smart buildings, Enlighted

Ecological design with advanced lighting technology

Lighting designer – Le Studio Led – who supported the project integrated Enlighted smart sensors from Siemens into its energy-saving LED lighting solutions to accommodate Derichebourg Multiservices sustainability targets. The top three floors of the building, where the majority of the open-plan offices are located, were equipped with 1,200 luminaires with Enlighted IoT sensory from Siemens.


The smart sensors detect changes in environmental conditions and room occupancy and respond in real time to optimize energy efficiency. Data that’s gathered from the sensors is continuously evaluated to monitor and control energy consumption, which means Derichebourg Multiservices has been able to improve energy efficiency, achieve significant energy savings and reduce consumption to meet its own environmental goals.

As part of our service delivery activities, the breadth of possibilities offered by IoT sensors represents a tremendous development opportunity.
Silvine Thoma | Communications Manager | Derichebourg Multiservices

Using data to increase efficiency and productivity

Sensor data is a valuable asset for Derichebourg Multiservices, allowing the company to improve the efficiency of the building and the productivity of its occupants. Working in conjunction with Le Studio Led and Siemens, they are able to optimize building services. For example, occupancy data harvested from the smart sensors can be used to schedule cleaning services based on actual demand and make visitor management safer and more convenient.

As a provider of facility services, Derichebourg Multiservices can demonstrate to its own customers how they can benefit from a reduction in energy consumption and the practical benefits of an IoT-based solution.