King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

A perfect place to study. Siemens supplies fire protection for the widespread King Khalid University campus in Saudi Arabia. 
The reference case

King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

Established in 1998, King Khalid University (KKU) in Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest public universities in the Middle East. A new campus is currently under construction. Once completed, it will cover 8.5 km2 and include 11 faculties, a medical city with a teaching hospital, student housing, a mosque, administration buildings and more. The campus will have capacity for over 70,000 students.


To keep students, staff and visitors safe at all times, KKU needed a reliable fire protection solution. A widespread campus such as the KKU naturally consists of various application areas, including lecture rooms, laboratories, cafeterias and parking garages. All these areas pose different challenges to a fire protection system. The solution also needed to be integrated with other security systems into a third-party building management system. Another key aspect is long-term availability of the products and local service. 


KKU selected the Cerberus PRO fire protection system from Siemens. Next to its smart features for ensured system uptime and false alarm prevention, its innovative, economic cabling concept results in less wiring. Cerberus PRO can be easily adapted to match any application area’s needs, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio.


With the new fire protection system from Siemens, KKU can rely on perfect protection against fire. All Cerberus PRO devices have a built-in fault isolator and a large loop length. What's more, thanks to cabling concept with less wiring, installation costs are lower.


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