Lilacs International Commercial Center, Shanghai

A perfect place to work. The complex is Shanghai’s first to install the entire Siemens building management system package.
A perfect place to work

Lilacs International Commercial Center, Shanghai

Completed in January 2016, Lilacs International Commercial Center in Shanghai’s Pudong business district is a state-of-the-art office and business complex. The 150,000 m2 building complex comprises two towers, each with 32 floors of office space plus retail, leisure, cultural and exhibition areas. The office space occupies 58,000 m2 each; 45,000 m2 on six floors are reserved for high-end retail. The complex offers 540 parking spaces. Extensive green areas can be found both inside and outside the building complex: A total of 500 m2 of outdoor space for work and leisure was created on various levels of the two office towers.


In order to integrate retail areas, commercial offices and a recreation center, the customer and the project team required architectural innovation through state-of-the-art technology and a sustainable design. The developer and operator of Lilacs International Commercial Center, Shanghai Shanchuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., has been in a strategic partnership with Siemens since 2008. The company’s representatives were therefore confident that the solutions from Siemens would comply with the economic targets and design philosophy of this prestigious project. At the forefront were the well-being and safety of staff and visitors.


Lilacs International Commercial Center is the first smart building complex in Shanghai to install the entire Siemens building management system package. Smart building technology with its integrated disciplines such as building automation, lighting, fire safety and security as well as low- to medium-voltage power distribution is at the heart of this Total Building Solution from Siemens. System operation, including monitoring and control, is managed from a command center.


Early involvement in the project by all Siemens Business Units provided technical expertise during the design phase and flexibility to adapt the portfolio and solutions to suit the project needs.

The Lilacs International Commercial Center is certified with silver according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) model, an internationally recognized green building assessment program. LEED certification is significant because of the best practices and proven design framework it delivers.

Furthermore, the building draws on big data to generate predictions

regarding energy consumption and user requirements.


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