NKC Manufacturing, Gothenburg Sweden

A perfect place to manufacture. Reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment: a heavy industry production plant in Sweden is now greener. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to manufacture

NKC Manufacturing, Gothenburg Sweden

NKC Manufacturing produces components for bearing retainers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Although the company is involved in heavy industry, it has always taken a conscious approach to the environment. But since NKC was sold to the Japanese company Nakanishi Metal Works Co. Ltd., energy efficiency has been pursued to an even greater extent. This is also necessary because the factory building was built in 1965 and the ventilation system had not been renewed since then. Energy consumption was therefore quite high. "The goal was to reduce this energy usage and to spare the environment", explains Anna Sjåstad, Facility and Environmental Manager at NKC. In 2014, NKC manufactured approximately 4.4 million products and the company turnover was 313 million SEK (approx. 33.5 million EUR). The company grounds cover about 33,000 square meters, 12,000 sqm of which are allocated to the production site.


The factory was built in 1965 and the ventilation system has not been renewed since then. NKC wanted to reduce their energy consumption, which was quite high until now. BT was asked to outline possible measures to implement an energy efficiency project.


The conditions have now been defined within the framework of performance contracting. The return on investment has been calculated to be twenty percent over the next five years. The company building will be managed and optimized on an ongoing basis from the Service Center. Real-time data provides information as to when and how the factory is running and where energy can be saved. The company now has a new ventilation system as well as a modern building automation and energy management system. The result was convincing right from the start, because the company was able to significantly increase its energy efficiency with BT's support. The costs are fixed: "we pay a fixed amount every month with no surprises. But with the potential to save even more on costs and the environment", says Johan Carlson, site manager at the NKC factory in Gothenburg. And environmental awareness does not stop here for NKC. A new product is to complement the portfolio in the future. A composting plant converts organic waste into dirt that is rich in energy. "We want to help to reduce the wasteful use of our natural resources and where better to start if not at home", says Carlson.


The costs for energy operations and maintenance were reduced. NKC Manufacturing received a cost-neutral solution involving no capex investment. The comfort has been improved by simpler operation and maintenance thanks to a building management system that provides data on available energy and trends. Through new technical infrastructure CO2 emissions could be reduced. 


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