Hôpital Sint-Maarten à Malines, Belgique

Pairi Daiza

The animals at Pairi Daiza and their visitors enjoy customized comfort thanks to Siemens technology and solution partner Thermia.
Expertise and state-of-the-art technology

Comfort tailored to each animal

The Belgian animal park Pairi Daiza is ranked among the best in the world. Its 2 million annual visitors would agree. Home to more than 800 animal species on nearly 75 hectares, the park strives to reveal the beauty and fragility of nature while working to protect threatened species. Everything is designed to offer maximum comfort for each animal (and visitor) thanks to Siemens technology and our certified solution partner Thermia.
The long-standing collaboration between Pairi Daiza, Thermia and Siemens provides the stability needed to carry out these technical implementations, while taking into account efficiency, environmental preservation, animal welfare and economic profitability.
Jean-François Hebert – Technical manager at Pairi Daiza
This project had particularly high air conditioning requirements. Thanks to our long cooperation with Siemens and its sophisticated offering in this field we were able to implement a suitable solution with heat recovery that consumes very little energy.
Frédéric Vandewiele – Managing Partner at Thermia 
Major challenges

An optimal climate without wasting energy

The comfort of animals and visitors is of paramount importance for Pairi Daiza. The climate must be perfect everywhere, both in the enclosures, including those in the Land of Cold, and in the hotels of the Pairi Daiza Resort. In addition, the “Garden of the Worlds” is committed to reducing its ecological footprint as much as possible – a major challenge that its technology partners, Siemens and Thermia, have mastered.
Optimized solutions

Customized climate and minimal ecological footprint

Arctic climate, optimal indoor temperatures in the hotel, comfortable habitat for hundreds of species of animals... No matter what the challenge, Thermia, an experienced specialist in the design and implementation of air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems, has been able to solve it. The company has been a partner of Pairi Daiza for many years, deploying the latest technology from Siemens.

An active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders