Radio Bremen

A perfect place to broadcast. Radio Bremen depends on building technology from Siemens to make sure their broadcast signal is 100 percent trouble free, which is exactly what listeners and viewers expect. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to broadcast

Radio Bremen

Spotlights, studio lights, ‘on air’ warning lights - Radio Bremen’s broadcasting center can be a dazzling place at times. Yet left-on lights and roasting radiators are a thing of the past at the regional radio and TV broadcaster for the city-state of Bremen, in north-west Germany. The studio now regulates its heating, ventilation and air conditioning with the Desigo CC building management platform. Supported by energy data management, Navigator gathers and analyzes all consumption data in order to tap additional savings potential.   Television, radio and internet keep people up to date, every minute, every second. Punctuality and reliable broadcast transmission are top priority. Radio Bremen is ideally equipped to provide its listeners and viewers around the clock information and entertainment from its broadcasting center, comprised of three new buildings equipped with innovative building tech that offers one hundred percent operational availability.


For a number of years, the Siemens Building Technologies Division has been assisting Radio Bremen in upgrading its HVAC technology, delivering customized solutions such as heat pump designs, and integrating alternative heating and cooling sources. In fact, the cooperation dates all the way back to Radio Bremen’s previous TV production headquarters in Bremen-Osterholz in the mid-1980s, when Siemens installed a building automation and control system by Landis & Staefa. In 2004, the existing technology was integrated into the Desigo building automation system, and the second broadcasting site in Bremerhaven with its own infrastructure was also incorporated into the overall building automation. When Radio Bremen called for tenders in 2005 for the HVAC technology in its new broadcasting center, Siemens was the clear favorite.


The broadcaster’s new glass building in the Stephani media quarter in central Bremen is one of Europe’s most cutting-edge facilities of its kind. This innovative lead can be seen not only in the latest media equipment for radio, television and Internet, but also in state-of-the-art building technology. The building features modern solutions such as condensing boilers, quantum chillers, underground well cooling systems, concrete core cooling and heat recovery. These systems are regulated according to demand by the building management platform Desigo CC, and can be controlled from work stations in the building or even remotely via the Internet. The process measuring and control technology is also compatible with this platform. In addition, several thousand data points provide the groundwork for a comprehensive energy monitoring system. Navigator - the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform from Siemens brings together all the measured values and meter data, and processes them to provide highly constructive reports on energy consumption, operating costs, emissions and the carbon footprint. This makes it possible to document actual energy savings and tap further potentials for optimization, while the various reporting and analysis functions ensure greater availability of the HVAC systems.

When it comes to remote maintenance and optimization, tried-and-tested tools have now been enhanced with the latest developments in data analysis, connectivity and cyber security. Siemens also takes on an important task in this area with its Energy Performance Contracting. As part of this service, the cloud-based Navigator reads the enormous volumes of data from the building management system’s sensors and provides analysis. Based on this data, Siemens engineers can then offer the customer-relevant information and tips on how to reduce their energy consumption. This on-going optimization has resulted in a definite reduction in the broadcaster’s gas bills, with consumption down by 14 percent compared to the previous year.

“Siemens was the obvious choice for supplying the interfaces for all the equipment from different manufacturers we have installed in the building.”

Werner Thomas, Manager of Building Services Technology at Radio Bremen Media


Desigo CC, the open building management platform seamlessly connects the buildings with an environmentally friendly air-conditioning and ventilation system creating one efficient overall system. The building automation concept includes several thousand data points that are operated via Desigo CC. This also enables equipment from different manufacturers to be integrated into the system. Innovative building technologies on site include condensing boilers and chillers, and alternative energy sources such as underground well cooling systems, concrete core cooling and heat recovery. The system is very stable, thanks to modern remote maintenance technology.

Another advantage of this solution is energy data management supported by the cloud-based Navigator. With the Navigator, Radio Bremen can easily review consumption data, evaluating and identifying savings potential as a result. This allows the radio network to continually optimize its properties, cutting energy costs and maximizing energy efficiency.

“Our technology must always function. If the cooling system or the power fails, we are off the air”- Werner Thomas, Manager of Building Services Technology at Radio Bremen Media 


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