RMIT on track to carbon neutrality

Saving energy, water and carbon emissions in a holistic way.

Educational needs are changing as the world changes. Being adaptable and resilient to change is more important than ever. Situated in the centre of Melbourne, Australia, RMIT’s City campus reflects the trends that have shaped the city, as well as the university’s commitment to leading by example on sustainability, making use of building technology from Siemens.

RMIT University in Australia: a global leader in climate action

RMIT commits to help shape a sustainable future

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. The university’s mission is to help shape the world through research, innovation, quality teaching and engagement, and to create transformative experiences for students – getting them ready for life and work. Led by its organisational values, RMIT is committed to challenging and championing important issues across the community. In line with this, RMIT incorporates sustainability principles and practices into learning and teaching, research and operational activities.
A unique offering

City campus solution

A powerful concept

Powering the campus through a local energy solution 

A key aim at the campus solution was to become less dependent on mains electricity by installing a local energy supply solution. A single point  of connection was created with the high voltage ring main, integrating three sub-stations and an autonomous cogeneration power system. The high voltage ring main solution was one of the most ambitious precinct infrastructure upgrades in Australia, with significant technical barriers that needed to be overcome. Not only does this build resilience to potential grid constraints, it also makes operations much more efficient. Learn more about the possibilities of local energy supply solutions for infrastructure facilities and campuses here


Building efficiency in action

Sustainability and building efficiency success can take many forms. Take a look at some of the projects we were involved with to find out how organizations like yours have benefitted from our expertise and services.