Royal Library and Royal Archives in Copenhagen, Denmark

A perfect place to store treasures. A fire protection system ensures safekeeping for documents going back to the Early Middle Ages safe. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to store treasures

Royal Library and Royal Archives in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish Royal Archives are housed in a historic Copenhagen building over 400 years old. They store irreplaceable documents going back to the Early Middle Ages. The Royal Library in Copenhagen is Denmark’s national library. It holds a large collection of irreplaceable documents, books and works of art.


The buildings and its valuable documents, books and collections in their archives had to be ideally protected from fire. To achieve this, the Royal Archives and the new archive building of the Royal Library in Copenhagen required a fire safety solution that could be precisely tailored to the existing building structure while taking into consideration its historic value.


Working closely with the Royal Archives and the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Siemens developed a tailored fire safety solution consisting of a Sinorix H2O Gas multi-zone extinguishing system, modern fire detection and premium service. The solution was tailored to the specific requirements and risks of fire. The integrated fire safety solution encompasses everything, from fire detection to maintenance.


Sinorix H2O Gas offers ideal protection for historic documents, books and works of art and can be flexibly tailored to specific requirements. In the case of the Royal Library and the Royal Archives in Copenhagen, it could be configured as a large multi-zone system. The combination of nitrogen and water quickly and reliably extinguishes fire and also prevents re-ignition. Smoldering and deep-seated fires have no chance either. The fine spraying technology used in Sinorix H2O Gas further

minimizes secondary damage, and the natural extinguishing agents do not present

any environmental or health hazards.


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