Salzburg Festival

A perfect place to inspire. Technology behind the scenes helps provide audiences with an unforgettable experience. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to inspire

Salzburg Festival

Every summer, classical music, opera and drama enthusiasts descend on Salzburg, Austria, for the Salzburg Festival – one of the world’s most famous festivals. In 2015, the last year for which statistics are available, 188 performances were offered across 14 venues for over 263,000 visitors from 74 countries.


Managing the influx of audience members and the diverse range of venues requires a great deal of expertise. To offer viewers an unforgettable festival experience, the technology behind the scenes and in the auditoriums has to function without fail. Aside from providing a comfortable atmosphere for audience members, temperature and humidity have to be regulated accurately to provide well-balanced acoustics.


Siemens’ technology is an integral part of three Salzburg Festival venues: Grosses Festspielhaus, the House for Mozart and the Felsenreitschule. An overview of the technologies that come to play:

Building automation:

The building operation center Desigo Insight displays all facilities and components on monitors. More than 6,000 data points, such as temperature and humidity sensors, are installed and connected to the system. A comprehensive view of the facilities allows for efficient and cost-effective operation of the entire system.

Fire safety:

All three venues are monitored with a fire safety system that includes 1,823 automatic and 179 non-automatic fire detectors.

Access control:

Access controls are installed for employees in the administrative offices and in the backstage areas. In addition, all entrances are monitored with cameras. During the festival itself, more than 7,000 photo IDs are created for employees.

Sound engineering:

All three venues are equipped with state-of-the-art digital sound technology. Among others, the system is designed for the highest degree of transmission reliability.

Stage management console:

Especially designed for the Salzburg Festival, the stage management console from Siemens brings everything together for the stage manager. From the console, it is possible to call actors to the stage, give light signals and supervise what is taking place on the stage. In the case of emergency, the stage manager can make announcements via the console and contact emergency personnel.


With solid technology in place, the administrators and artists of the Salzburg Festival can concentrate on providing a memorable experience to their audiences.


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