This building is a community.

Data-driven services from Siemens make the Sello shopping center in Finland a perfect place for people to come together – and feel comfortable. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating perfect places

Improve buildings and you improve people’s lives

More and more of human activity takes place indoors. Nowhere more so than in Finland, where long winters mean people look for warm and welcoming public places to come together. The people at Sello shopping center describe it not just as a mall, but as a community. And data-driven services from Siemens help to create the feeling of warmth, welcome and comfort: the conditions where community can thrive.
A perfect place to come together – and feel comfortable

Sello shopping center: This building is a community

Sello is Finland’s most visited and most sustainable shopping center. Its 102,000 square meters of gross leasable area welcome 24 million visitors per year from all over the world. There are over 170 shops as well as a concert hall, a library, hypermarkets and entertainment attractions. Sello offers more than just shopping – its aim is to be more city center than shopping center.
This building – it’s a place to learn. It’s a place to compete. A place to practise, to improve. To invent. But above all, this building is a community.
Marianne Harjula, Sello Event Manager
Digitalization creates efficient comfort

Optimal improvement in energy consumption and air quality

Leveraging data from energy efficiency and HVAC systems, air quality and temperature sensors, occupancy rates and weather data, Siemens identified areas for improvement and delivered a comprehensive optimization program for Sello’s building systems that’s focused on energy consumption and air quality.

Perfect services with the Digital Service Center and Navigator

The analytics approach included space- and equipment-level trending analysis, a customized set of parameters for equipment performance and environmental conditions, as well as fault detection and diagnostics to ensure that issues are handled quickly and quantifiably.
The services were delivered both on site by a dedicated Siemens energy manager and building
automation maintenance staff right on site and remotely through a connection to the Digital Service Center and Navigator – the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform.

A long tradition of working together

The relationship between Sello and Siemens started over 25 years ago and led to the shopping center’s first LEED certification as well as a 50 percent reduction in energy consumption and savings of €133,000 per year. The current efficiency program sees energy savings of €110,000 per year, a 20 percent reduction in CO2, and a 50 percent reduction in district heating.
The measures put in place have led to better air flow in certain areas, including restaurants where people spend the most time in a static position. When snowy weather is in the forecast, district heating can be used to proactively heat entrances and reduce ice buildup.
All of this helps provide a high-quality visitor experience and keeps emissions, operating costs and rents for shop owners as low as possible.


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