Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen, Belgium

An eco-system built to heal

Smart hospital solutions from Siemens make the Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen, Belgium, an environment that intuitively cares about the people.
Creating environments that care

A blueprint for smart, human-centric healthcare

With a growing demand for healthcare services, an ageing population, increasing patient expectations and increasingly complex regulations, a hospital must be much more than just a building. A smart hospital is an intelligent and interconnected ecosystem that speeds up recovery and response to emergencies, reduces energy costs and minimizes environmental impact to make the patients feel better even before the treatment begins.

At Sint-Maarten Hospital in Belgium, data and technology actively contribute to the daily work, freeing up valuable time, so the staff can focus on what really matters – the patients.

Smart infrastructre provides a positive patient experience for smart hospitals
Smart healthcare

White paper: A smart hospital concept by Siemens

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An environment that cares about people

Sint-Maarten Hospital: the future of healthcare

Sint-Maarten Hospital is a newly built facility. The hospital has 643 beds and 96 day patient beds, combining both the latest developments in technology and society to create an intelligent interconnected ecosystem that is constantly learning and adapting to staff and patient’s needs.

Discover all the facets of an environment that is built to heal

Discover all the facets of a smart environment that maximizes the opportunity for recovery. Right from the planning phase, the latest technology has had a huge impact on how the Sint-Maarten hospital provides optimum conditions for both patients and staff. Have look at the facts video and the interviews to discover all the facets of a smart hospital that represents the future of healthcare.

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