Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen, Belgium

A building built to heal.

Smart hospital solutions from Siemens make the Sint-Maarten Hospital in Mechelen, Belgium, a perfect place to provide patients with highest level of care, comfort, safety and security. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating perfect places

The biggest medical tool in the building… is the building itself

With a growing demand for healthcare services, an ageing population, increasing patient expectations and increasingly complex regulations, a hospital must be much more than just a building. A smart building speeds up recovery and response to emergencies, reduces energy costs and minimizes environmental impact, and it makes patients feel better even before the treatment begins – the Sint-Maarten Hospital in Belgium is a building built to heal.
A perfect place to heal

Sint-Maarten Hospital: Built to heal

Sint-Maarten Hospital is a newly built facility. The hospital has 643 beds and 96 day patient beds, combining both the latest developments in technology and society to become a perfect place to heal.

Discover all the facets of a place that is built to heal

Right from the planning phase, the latest technology has had a huge impact on how the Sint-Maarten hospital provides optimum conditions for both patients and staff. Have look at the interviews to discover all the facets of a place that is built to heal.

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