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With 1,3 Mio square foot total area, almost 4000 beds, and more than 130 operating units, the Ankara City Hospital located in the Bilkent district is one of the largest hospital campuses in the world - and one of the most modern, too: it is a powerful ecosystem that offers patients and staff the utmost in wellbeing, efficiency, resiliency and safety. The key point: the seamless integration and central control of 22 hospital subsystems through Desigo CC building management platform. It monitors and controls almost 800,000 data points enabling critical infrastructure to run smoothly - day and night. This puts Ankara City Hospital at the forefront of digital transformation in the healthcare sector. 

As a team we built a totally digital hospital and Siemens Smart Infrastructure played a major role here.
Murad Bayar | CEO CCN Holding

Reference: A milestone for future healthcare enabled by energy infrastructure and smart building technology


Location: Bilkent/ Ankara, Turkey

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The vision: a highly efficient hospital with the smartest possible processes. The path to this vision: Desigo CC. The integrated building management platform makes possible the central control and monitoring of the hospital’s 22 subsystems. To ensure that Ankara City Hospital remains one of the most modern healthcare facilities in the world, the partnership with Siemens is set up for the long term. This means that Ankara City hospital can continue to benefit from the latest Siemens products and services which are geared towards making digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.

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