SylWin alpha offshore converter platform, North Sea, Germany

A perfect place to create electricity. Fully redundant fire protection ensures electricity flows to over a million households. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to create electricity

SylWin alpha offshore converter platform, North Sea, Germany

TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator with activities in Germany and the Netherlands. Among others the company operates offshore converter platforms that connect wind parks in the North Sea to the grid. The offshore SylWin alpha grid connector is the largest platform operated by TenneT. From the platform, there are wind turbines in view as far as the eye can see. The combined total of 232 wind turbines from Siemens linked to the grid connection provide enough electricity to supply more than one million households.



All systems on the platforms have to be fully redundant and remotely controlled, as they are operated on an unmanned basis. Fire protection is particularly important. At the same time, as many risks and operational lapses as possible have to be eliminated. The highest operational safety possible in maritime conditions also has to be ensured.



For the concept for SylWin alpha, Siemens drew on experience gained with the TenneT platforms HelWin alpha and BorWin beta. A combination of different technologies and systems ensures the highest platform availability possible.


The installation from Siemens includes extensive fire protection, particularly for highly sensitive areas like the converter and the two high-power transformers. In the case of fire, the installed gas, foam, sprinkler and deluge extinguishers are automatically activated. The solution delivered by Siemens also covers video monitoring and access control as well as control of the HVAC.



The delivered system meets the stringent requirements for this type of installation and ensures safe and reliable around-the-clock operation of the unmanned platform. What’s more, the solution can be easily managed from the control center on land. Two examples: cameras can zoom in on different areas, and the extinguishing systems can be controlled remotely.


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