Tettnang New Palace, Germany

A perfect place to explore. A new fire detection system based on wireless technology protects a historically important landmark. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
A perfect place to explore

Tettnang New Palace, Germany

Tettnang New Palace is beautifully situated in Germany’s Upper Swabia region. The high standards the Counts of Montfort-Tettnang held for their stately residence are still reflected in the palace today. Tettnang New Palace was designed and furnished in the 18th century. Back then, only the best artists were engaged by the owner. The spectacular Baroque interiors are still among the finest in the region.



Filled with impressive art and stuccowork from the 18th century, Tettnang New Palace is a historically important landmark. For the museum and the offices, which are housed in historical rooms, the customer needed a fire protection system that preserves the valuable interior in two ways: by reliable fire detection and by wireless installation.



SWING from Siemens proved to be an excellent choice to protect and preserve the historically valuable interior of Tettnang New Palace. SWING uses mesh technology, which means that all wireless network devices communicate with their direct neighbors. This ensures outstanding connection reliability because at least two redundant paths are available to transmit information from the device to the gateway. SWING detectors were installed in the museum and the offices. They communicate with SWING gateways that are connected to a 4-loop control panel. In addition, wired detectors ensure reliable fire protection in the palace’s basement and attic.



The customer was very satisfied with the solution. With the intelligent and safe wireless technology, the original building structure remained untouched. Moreover, SWING could be installed quickly without interfering with the museum’s opening hours.


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