Building security

Smart integration. Better security.

Traditional security systems are isolated and hold you back from experiencing the benefits of a better building. These systems – often a patchwork of hardware and software – struggle to work together to reduce breaches, injuries, response times, and the risk of cyberattacks. In short, they are unable to create valuable efficiencies on their own. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Integration can change everything and make security systems a cornerstone of smart buildings. Why are smart buildings so valuable? Because they offer new levels of data-driven and sensor-enabled performance through deep system integration, predictive and condition-based maintenance, optimized efficiency and increased resilience and security.

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Siveillance Suite

What is Siveillance Suite?

A family of products, solutions and services for advanced physical security, addressing enterprise customers across all vertical markets and building types.

Siveillance Suite – A unified, holistic security offering that allows the flexible composition of applications, tools and services to address the needs of critical infrastructure and enterprise customers. The focus of Siveillance Suite is mid- to high-end market where security and business continuity are mission-critical, from corporate campuses to industry sites and critical infrastructure. It provides solutions that address incident and command & control management systems, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, alarm, analytics, information and operation management, and more.

Smart integration. Better security.

Security in the digital age

Buildings and infrastructures are transforming. From passives assets without connections to an active member of the team – connected, agile and flexible.

Today’s building becomes an active contributor to the success of your occupants and your business. Making sure your building occupants are safe and secure is one of the most important aspects of providing a people-centric experience. Create an environment that is comfortable and safe by integrating Siveillance Suite into your smart building.

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Siveillance solutions

Our Siveillance solutions help people all around the world.
Identities managed

With the Siveillance Identity™ Self-Service Portal Siemens offers an intuitive web-based portal that enables in-house access request management across multiple sites.

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With Siveillance Control Siemens offers the first solution running on geo-referenced system intelligence combined with a unique logical structure and offering essential command and control functions.

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Access systems

Siemens offers physical and logical access control, where physical access control limits the access to campuses, offices or rooms with physical IT assets.  

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With increasing security breaches video management systems get more and more important.

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With increasing security breaches video management systems get more and more important.

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The Intrusion system is the solution to protect your building and its surrounding from intrusion, theft, hold-up, illegal occupation, kidnap hostage taking, vandalism sabotage and many other intrusion intentions.

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