Siveillance Access Mobile

Siveillance Access Mobile

Cloud-based, future-oriented access control

With Siveillance Access Mobile, Siemens is now offering a cloud-based, future-oriented mobile access solution which is operated as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and can thus be flexibly and scaled to your changing requirements. Your smartphone becomes the key to open doors for you, and the user-friendly cloud application gives you complete control to manage access privileges.

Product information

Access control from the cloud

With the Siveillance Access Mobile Cloud application and smartphone app, Siemens has developed a solution precisely for these requirements and used the latest trends and technologies from the digital world to make the system even more future-proof.

The product follows a current trend of software distribution: “Software as a Service” (SaaS) which means that the software is provided for a usage fee, rather than being sold. The customer can therefore scale its use more easily, e.g. over short periods adapt the number of systems used to the changing number of employees and utilize it in a completely personalized and flexible way. All without traditional upfront capital expenditure.


Security from the cloud

Companies are facing the challenge of substituting the conventional key due to flexibility and cost reasons. With Siveillance Access Mobile we provide a digital key, therefore offer additional flexibility to you.

Our solution combines a safe, secure and user-friendly cloud application with a smartphone app. Doors can be opened with a digital key that has been distributed to the smartphone apps of authorized users. These individually adapted digital keys open doors only to those rooms to which the employee in question is given access. Access authorizations can be cancelled as easily as they are granted.


Effortless innovation

You can use the Siveillance Access Mobile system with your existing mechanical locks or change them fully to digital locks. Access control using Siveillance Access Mobile is based on digital locks without an additional need for controllers, scanners or cabling. With Siveillance Access Mobile, companies rely on future-proof technology that does justice to technological change.


Security solutions in action

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