SIPORT security

Securing today’s business landscape involves a strategic methodology and proactive approach to stay ahead of possible risk. Security practitioners require robust, future-proof solutions that can be flexibly deployed as security requirements evolve. Siemens addresses these challenges with SIPORT: a comprehensive, highly customizable access control and time management solution for high-security requirements.

Product information

Comprehensive access control for high-security requirements

SIPORT is an access control and time tracking system. It allows authorized individuals – whether they are employees or visitors – to move about your building or campus freely while keeping unauthorized persons out. It can be used locally for a single location or globally for numerous networked branch offices in different time zones around the world. With its modular design, SIPORT is highly flexible and can be extended at any time. 

All SIPORT functions run in real time (real-time communication). Messages and changes to data take immediate effect throughout the system – without delay. This makes the system reliable and secure. SIPORT’s new intuitive user interface is browser-independent and can be used on a desktop or tablet. The intuitive homepage provides a full overview of all SIPORT functions, making operation easier than ever. At a technical level, real-time communication means a door control unit can record 100 events per second while a real-time server can process up to 100,000 events per second. From a security perspective, real-time communication primarily means reliable up-to-date data with the option of rapid intervention when needed.


Security solutions in action

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