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Highest safety and security with comprehensive security management

Based on an innovative approach to security, our Siveillance Suite comprises a comprehensive range of security solutions and systems – from intelligent video surveillance, access control and identity management to intrusion detection and perimeter protection, up to industrial command and control center technology – which can be configured to meet specific requirements depending on the needs of the individual customer for a particular site or type of industry

A major precondition for quickly reacting to events is the effective planning and coordination of all remedial or preventive procedures. To be able to take the correct decisions in dangerous situations where critical infrastructures are concerned, a complete overview of the current situation and the available emergency personnel is essential. Structured operational procedures and workflow based event handling also ensure the fastest possible and most effective implementation of the deployments.


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Our experience makes the difference – and it continues to grow. Security can take many different forms. Take a look at some of the projects we were involved with to find out how your organization can benefit from our expertise and services.