Siveillance Vantage

Command and control for critical infrastructure

Siveillance Vantage secures your business through integrated security management with reliable and coordinated response for emergency and routine procedures. Ensuring the safety of your staff and the community as well as maintaining business continuity requires effective planning, communication and resource coordination of all actions from a single point. Using innovative software the solution allows you to customize and integrate security policies and procedures as well.   Siveillance Vantage unifies video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection as well as 3rd party, it is all about completely fitting to your needs and offers ongoing expandability. It is specifically designed to support command and control for critical infrastructure. 

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A command and control solution for critical infrastructure

Siveillance Vantage is a comprehensive security management solution that brings multiple stand-alone systems under one umbrella. Due to the modular structure, high flexibility and exceptional reliability of the Siveillance Vantage command and control solution from Siemens, your critical infrastructure can cope with any challenge. 

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