Energy and asset performance services

A smarter approach to facility optimization
Energy and asset performance services at a glance

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Maintenance matters

Is your approach to building maintenance putting your business at risk?

Your facility – and your business – rely on complex equipment. These assets are expensive to own and can pose a real risk to your success if they stop working properly. Imagine an approach to maintenance that doesn’t put your business at risk.
Smart solutions

Digitalization is transforming maintenance management

Top-performing businesses apply a modern, data-driven approach to maintenance that gets results:

Every asset in your building is transmitting its exact status. Analyzed with the right tools by building performance experts from Siemens, it allows you to predict issues and resolve them before they turn into real problems – or fix existing ones faster.


Today’s smart building solutions from Siemens are revolutionizing facility optimization to help your organization succeed. The starting point is our comprehensive expertise that allows us to bring three distinct types of operational data from buildings together:

  • Maintenance data, typically sourced from computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • Asset data, including the make and model of installed equipment, required parts and service schedules
  • Performance data, such as comfort readings, energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Once these data sets are brought together, they are evaluated with our powerful cloud-based algorithms. Combined with our deeply rooted expertise in building performance, our wide range of asset performance services and our remote operation capabilities, the resulting analytics help you achieve your objectives.

Modernizing building maintenance through data-driven services

The University Properties of Finland (SYK), has completely rethought its approach to building maintenance. From static to dynamic. From periodic to demand-based. From visual to data-driven. 


Create a competitive advantage

When your buildings asset’s perform the way they should, they create ideal conditions for the building users – and improve tenant satisfaction. At the same time, your facilities are more resilient to risks and you can work on optimizing your corporate cost structures.

Make the right decisions

At the heart of asset performance services is the ability to connect the right data sources, analyze that data comprehensively and take the most appropriate actions. When the right data is properly applied, you’re able to make the right decisions and your business benefits from a productive environment, reduced exposure to risk and improved cost structures.

Maintain a productive environment

By ensuring that building users are safe, comfortable, and free from distractions caused by their working environment, tenants are more productive and register fewer complaints. For building owners, a well-functioning building increases the property value and can alleviate resource constraints on facility management teams.

Reduce the risk of downtime

Thanks to asset performances services, your attention is drawn to operational issues early on and before they create a negative impact – making it possible to prevent downtime. In fact, studies have shown that there is 45 percent less downtime as a result of applying a proactive and data-driven approach to maintenance. That allows operations in your building to continue unhindered.

Improve cost structures

Facility managers have to ensure that their buildings operate smoothly and on budget. Asset performance services reduce pressure on operating budgets through lower energy consumption and by enabling smarter and proactive maintenance execution. These services also help to improve the accuracy of the investment planning by taking the actual conditions and relevance of assets into account.

Digital offering

Get the most out of your assets

Draw on our expertise and digital services to make sure that your maintenance approach creates a competitive advantage. With our unique mix of people, technology and services, we provide a solid foundation to enhance your building performance with the power of data – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals.
Energy and asset performance services at a glance

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The cloud-based energy and asset management platform from Siemens powered by MindSphere

Navigator gives you the clarity you need to transform your buildings into high-performing assets.

Enhancing building performance through the power of data

Navigator, the cloud-based energy and asset management platform, serves as the foundation for a comprehensive set of service offerings. The platform centralizes disparate data sets related to building performance, asset health and maintenance practices. When combined, these data sets enable better decisions

and ultimately lead to a significant and tangible outcome for your business. In a recent survey by independent research and consulting firm Verdantix, Siemens was ranked as the no. 1 preferred brand for software and services that optimize energy, maintenance and facility operations.

Together Navigator and MindSphere open unlimited possibilities

Your building’s data and the insights generated by Navigator have even more potential when paired with MindSphere, the cloud-based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system from Siemens. MindSphere connects products, plants, systems and machines to harness the wealth of data generated by IoT with advanced analytics. By leveraging the performance, asset and maintenance data from Navigator, new apps can be created to tackle even the toughest and most unique problems.

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