Data Driven Services

Maximize energy management and sustainability, optimize operations and productivity with greater visibility into system performance through its lifecycle.

Making your building smarter

It is well-recognized that building systems deviate from their intended design over time, resulting in decreased performance and reliability.

With the advent of digital technologies and analytics, building owners and operators are moving away from traditional maintenance approaches that are reactive in nature. Instead of letting equipment run to failure and incurring significant repair or replacement costs, risking downtime, or adhering to schedule-based preventive maintenance, they are transitioning to data-driven and condition-based maintenance strategies, taking advantage of data analytics to drive operational efficiencies.

Harness the power of data

More building owners are turning to Data Driven Services to bring together a comprehensive team of building experts, the latest analytical tools, and end-to-end service delivery. These cloud-based services are designed to make buildings smarter and to identify and solve potential problems before they affect the entire organization.


Our services leverage people, process and technology with innovative platforms and building automation systems and a state-of-the-art Digital Service Center.

What are the added values?

  • Increase uptime with fewer business and facility interruptions. Rather than monthly, onsite visits from a technician, building owners can benefit from more frequent analysis of critical building automation controls
  • Up to 75% fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Up to 80% less time spent reacting to emergencies
  • Potential for 95% system availability or better


CloudOps enables a systematic approach to test, verify, optimize, and maintain system performance through data-driven analytics and onsite scheduled O&M allowing building owners to focus maintenance activities and prioritize problem resolution.


  • Achieve precise system control for both the building automation system and its peripheral controlled devices.
  • Benefit from more frequent analysis to optimize critical spaces and equipment while realizing operational efficiencies.


building automation system control

Achieving precise building automation system control

Building systems deviate from their intended design over time, resulting in decreased performance and reliability. And, as digital technologies continue to affect our everyday lives, we have begun to see an evolution in how building owners and operators approach system maintenance and take advantage of data analytics to drive operational efficiencies.

By focusing on maintenance activities and prioritizing problem resolution it is possible to achieve operational and cost efficiencies.


Outcomes-Based Service Delivery

It starts with our Outcomes-based model for service delivery.

You have goals. We can help you meet them. By leveraging our Outcomes-based approach, your business objectives become the cornerstone of a tailored service program.


  • Service programs tailored to meet your specific goals and deliver outcomes
  • Key performance indicators define desired results and measure program success
  • Programs can support basic system management or take performance to a more advanced level with digital services and analytics
  • Leverages the full range of Siemens resources to meet your business goals