Leverage energy and sustainability consulting

Whether you need to meet environmental mandates, reduce energy consumption and costs or  address stakeholders’ concerns, Siemens can guide you through the process and ensure you are leveraging deep insights while making key energy and sustainability decisions. Our Advisory Services consultants advise you on the best approach and the best technology to comply with regulations and directives, while creating real energy savings that free up capital for other initiatives – and improve your  sustainability credentials. Our Performance Services technicians will help you turn insights into tangible energy and sustainability improvements. From sustainable buildings to reducing CO2 emissions, we`ve got you covered.

All you need to start to turn insights into tangible energy and sustainability improvements.

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Energy and sustainability strategy

Through a consultative process, Siemens works with you to define the appropriate mix of energy conservation and procurement measures to achieve your strategic goals. 

The final result will help you leverage energy and sustainability performance in the context of resource availability, capital access and ROI.

Budgeting and forecasting

Increase transparency into budget performance and future energy costs. Receive daily updates that allow you to better manage costs and quickly address deviations.  

Can be used as the foundation for your energy procurement strategy and/or hedging program.

EED compliance roadmap

Determines which compliance option is most appropriate for you in order to adhere to the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EU EED). Siemens will also support you in achieving compliance within the agreed timeframe.

Energy procurement and supply services

Expert energy buyers from Siemens will continuously and meticulously review market conditions against your existing utility contracts and cost objectives to identify opportunities that can be captured and risks that need to be contained.  Siemens uses advanced procurement technologies and will structure utility contract terms for your benefit.

Energy supply concepts

Siemens will work with you to develop a comprehensive energy supply strategy to ensure budget and sustainability goals are achieved while increasing energy security. Siemens will consider all financial, legal and political conditions and can also provide project engineering, design and construction services as needed.

ISO 50001 services

Siemens will guide you through all steps of system design and implementation so that ISO 50001 certification can be achieved. Siemens also supports you with re-certification, the application of the EnMS and continuous improvement suggestions.

Market advisory

Siemens Market Advisory provides wholesale energy market intelligence and trend reporting. Siemens monitors markets on a daily basis, including fundamental drivers and technical indicators, and identifies when to buy and when to float, consistent with your defined objectives. This service includes daily market alerts (as necessary), weekly written market summary reports and detailed monthly market advisory conference calls.

Risk management and hedging

Manage your hedging program and policy better, in order to achieve the desired energy cost objectives. The volatility associated with energy commodities is an immense management challenge for energy consumers. Alerts are sent to the customer when a hedge execution is required in order to stay in compliance with policy. The service also provides access to daily reports that show the value of hedge positions and the condition of decision protocols.

Total Energy Management

Customized energy management

From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, Siemens assists organizations of all types in customizing an energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future with continuous data analysis and support. Find out more on how Siemens combines expertise, technology and services that lower operating costs and risks, and reduce environmental impact using packages of the portfolio elements.
A new approach to energy and sustainability management

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