Manage system operation and compliance

Meet your organizational goals or compliance mandates for performance. Our comprehensive maintenance services, provided by industry-leading service experts, keep your systems up and running as designed and intended to operate.

Modernization in the latest fire safety and security technology enables access to deeper operational and business benefits.

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Facility assessment and planning

Consulting to improve the application of service to ensure your system(s) operate as designed while meeting your compliance and organizational requirements.

Provides a first assessment or a review of your building system(s) with recommendations that are in alignment with your required facility outcomes and business goals. We define with you the relevant KPIs to measure results, and develop a custom-tailored service program to achieve those results.

Test and inspection

On a regular basis, we check the current adequacy of your system against your defined facility and regulation requirements and risks. The result is information: a document, recommendations, a report.

Preventive services

On a predetermined schedule, or based on data analytics, we perform maintenance on your system. The result is a verified and improved system state.

Documentation management

Storing and keeping critical building system and compliance information up-to-date and organized as needed by your compliance and organizational requirements.

Corrective services

We intervene after a failure or fault has taken place and correct it, to restore your system’s functionality and integrity.

Total Energy Management

Customized energy management

From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, Siemens assists organizations of all types in customizing an energy management program that addresses their needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet strategic and technical goals today, while protecting and optimizing investments well into the future with continuous data analysis and support. Find out more on how Siemens combines expertise, technology and services that lower operating costs and risks, and reduce environmental impact using packages of the portfolio elements.
A new approach to energy and sustainability management

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