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USB Driver

The MCL-USB adapter (radio) FDUZ227 is an interface converter for USB to MC link as well as radio (SWING). To connect your computer with the MCL-USB adapter (radio) FDUZ227, please download the USB Driver TUSB3410 V6.7.2.2 (32 or 64 bit version according to operating system variant).


Line tester

The line tester is a universal device for the testing of installed FDnet / C-NET fire detection lines, when no control unit has been connected yet. For troubleshooting for electricians, installers or service technicians. Different functions can be polled, e.g. number of devices found, number and place of line errors found, short circuit, open line, ground fault with conductor(s), scrolling from detector to detector, with indication of type and serial number, etc. Update of the device software (firmware) via PC possible.


PC Line tester tool

The PC Linetester Tool allows the following functions:

Read-in of a loop or stub, display line device types and the order on the line (topology with device type and ID Number), display of line and line device faults, display of invalid topologies, activating the internal and external alarm indicators (AI/EAI), optional configuration of sounder bases, reset of the D-Bus address of the line devices, activating the outputs of a line device, support line protocol switching for migration, add "customer text" and/or comments, load and save, export of the data: CSV – Table, PDF – document for printing or archival, FSM – import to engineering tool, create a problem report, display of measurement values such as line current, EAI detection


Line tester connected app

The Line tester connected app provides the following functionality:

Read the line topology files from the FDUL221 line tester, show information of the line (topology, line faults, device information), transfer the line topology file and line summary by E-Mail


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